What are the Best Shoes for Ireland – What shoes to wear to Ireland

We in Ireland have pretty unpredictable weather conditions. There is the phrase “4 seasons in 1 day” that we see a lot. When you’re visiting any country, what you wear in your feet is super important, seeing as you spend a lot of your time walking on them! You want to be comfortable, and you want to be prepared for the weather. This is even more important in Ireland. Well lucky for you I’ve been walking Ireland my whole life and I know exactly what you need to wear!

Let me just start by saying, you can wear anything you want in Ireland, especially on your feet. Irish people do. I’ve noticed that many Irish people don’t dress for our climate. The downside is, they complain when they find themselves walking in soaking wet shoes or walking around on ice blocks. So the key is, to be logical with your footwear!

What type of shoe is best for everyday use?

What Shoes To Wear To Ireland

There are three types of shoes I think you should bring to Ireland:

  • Comfy walking shoes or runners (trainers/sneakers) – be it runners or hiking boots
  • Waterproof boots – because you know, it rains a lot!
  • Nice shoes – for meals etc

Or to put it another way you need:

  • Casual shoes (for daytime exploring)
  • Dressy shoes (for meals or nights out)

So if you’re looking for the best shoes for Ireland (men’s and womens) see the examples below.

Casual & Waterproof Shoes (doubles up as hiking boots):

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These are the Adidas Eastrail 2 W Ld99. Something like this is PERFECT for Ireland? Why? Firstly you guessed it, they’re waterproof. Secondly, they are hiking runners suitable for city life too. They will fulfill two purposes at once (exploring cities and your day trips to the Cliffs of Moher!) meaning you’ll take up less packing space with multiple shoe options.

Hiking boots for Ireland (waterproof)

waterproof hiking boots for ireland

I absolutely love KEEM Hiking boots. Honestly, the shoes above are enough but if you are going to be a doing a lot of hiking, maybe you’ll want to bring a separate pair. Personally, I love Keen boots – these are the ones I have and they are the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned and never had to break them in. They were perfection from the first wear.

Dressy / Fancy Shoes for Ireland

formal shoes for ireland

When it comes to fancy shoes for Ireland, certain Irish people get very dressed up (or my generation anyway – millennials!). People wear heels out and can get quite fancy etc but having a nice pair of healed boots is perfect – again, waterproof (see the theme here!).

What Shoes NOT To Wear To Ireland

what nOT to wear in ireland

While these runners look super comfy for walking they are just not the best option for Irish weather. They have a mesh design meaning you could be soaked in minutes.

Avoid anything like canvas shoes or ballet shoes. Why? Because even if you have a clear day, chances are it will rain at some point. And, if you’re walking around outside when it does, you’ll have wet feet for the rest of the day. Now I get some shoes like Converse are so popular no matter where you are, but again these just aren’t the most comfortable if you’re going to be out exploring Ireland and wracking up the steps. They’ll also get soaked in minutes in the rain.

Conclusion – What shoes to wear to Ireland?

Just to say again, you will see Irish people wearing “What NOT to wear in Ireland” everywhere. The thing is, people tend to dress for how they want to look or they dress by what the have. BUT I think these tips are for those who want to be prepared for the weather and have the most comfortable and enjoyable time while exploring everything this country has to offer!


Do I need waterproof boots for Ireland?

I would recommend yes. Be it waterproof walking shoes/hiking boots and a pair of nice boots for when you’re in cities. It never hurts to be prepared for the rain (which is unfortunately never far away!).

What should I wear on a trip to Ireland?

Wear clothing that is comfortable, and have a windproof or waterproof layer at the top.

Best waterproof walking shoes for Ireland

You don’t have to buy something extravegant just for your trip to Ireland. A lot of runners/sneakers/trainers are leather or

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