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Welcome back or if you’re new here, welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ . Today I’m introducing Red, my lovely Citroen Dispatch. I picked it up in early summer 2022. So I decided I’m gonna give you a little van tour. At the moment the van is very minimal. I haven’t done anything to it in this video. It’s literally as I bought it.

VAN TOUR | My small campervan – Citroen Dispatch Campervan Conversion | Van Life starts here

It’s a really small van and it’s perfect for one – maybe two at a push – people! It’s great for stealth camping because other than the curtains (which I plan on doing something about), you can’t tell it’s a camper at all.

But I do have quite a few plans for it. So far I’ve added a sink and cooker:

Van Update ๐Ÿ™‚ | Citroen Dispatch Van Conversion | My vanlife tiny home on wheels

And also added a leisure battery to allow me to charge on the go and have a working fridge.

More updates soon!

How To Enjoy Doing Things Alone | Scared To Do Things Alone

In 2022 I started a “self love” journey and was determined to start enjoying doing things alone. I’ve always HATED doing things alone/going places alone. I felt like it would be boring or pointless, and it would make me feel uncomfortable too. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about why this is, and I’ve begun to enjoy doing things solo. So much so that sometimes I prefer to go solo.

You can find my “doing things alone” series below from most recent to oldest!

Overcoming solo trip anxiety:ย

Doing a solo Halloween Instagram Photoshoot:

Solo hiking:

Solo Hiking Trip In Sligo doing the Devil’s Chimney and Sea Swim at Rosslare Beach

Solo Trip To Galway for the Galz Gon Wild sea swim

Solo Coffee Date

Solo Spa Day to Kilronan Castle

Solo Food Date in Carrick

Solo Cinema Date

How To Do Things Alone | How To Do Things By Yourself | Doing Things Solo


The video that started the series “Watch if you Don’t Like Doing Things Alone”

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I’ve had the Nordace Siena Backpack over a year now so it’s time to do a “Nordace Siena Backpack Review”! So if you’re looking for a new backpack, make sure to give this post a read and watch my Youtube video! I wanted to share my thoughts on the Siena Backpack, giving an honest review and including its pros and cons, so you can decide if it’s the right bag for you (I know I find this kind of review incredibly helpful!). Whether you’re looking for a new backpack for your daily commute, your next hiking trip, or your travels abroad, keep reading to find out if the Nordace Siena backpack is the perfect fit for you. HINT: I think it will be!!

The Design of the Nordace Siena Backpack | Is Nordace a good brand?

So let’s talk about the design. So first of all, it is described online as a sleek, modern backpack that’s perfect for everyday use. I mean, I have to agree, the design is absolutely beautiful. That’s why I got it in the first place. I actually got this bag because someone I knew had it and they came to my house with it and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. So I had to buy it.

Click here to see the bag over on the Nordace site!ย 

The Nordace Website | Is Nordace Legit? | Nordace Ireland

Now, when I went on their website though, only for the fact that I knew someone had the bag, I don’t think I’d have got it. I don’t know why, but it was one of those websites that seems too perfect. It makes the bag sound too great. You know what I mean? It almost doesn’t sound legit. But I’m glad I got the bag and I’m gonna tell you why.

Is the Nordace Ad Legit? Can you fit that much in a Nordace Siena Backpack?

So we’ve all seen the Nordace marketing videos where they fit everything from your whole house, including your kitchen sink into this bag. We’ve all seen them and I have to say that was one of the things that made me want it. But I’m not a good packer, so I generally just throw everything into the bag. It’s a mess. And then it doesn’t fit that much in because I haven’t packed it properly. So I’ve never fully tested if it fits all the stuff that it says in the ad. But, I’ve always had my doubts gonna so I decided to give it a try in my recent video.

What do they have in the Nordace Ad?

They had a couple of bits of clothes but they also had packing cubes. I don’t have packing cubes unfortunately so I just went without. They also had a laptop, chargers phone stuff. There was also what looked like a little pack of accessories, like makeup and like toiletry things. They had a few books, a water bottle and a phone charger.

Now, one of the great features of this backpack is it actually has a charging port on the outside. Yu can put your phone charger in the inside and charge your bag as you’re walking around. I’ve had it over a year and I’ve never used that feature, so I decided to give it a try in my video. Click through to watch this ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Very handy. I’ve never seen a backpack with that before.

There are SO MANY POCKETS! | Nordace Siena Backpack review
Online they describe it as having room for all your essentials and keeping it all organized. This is very true, there’s over 10 pockets inthe bag. There’s also a secret pocket here underneath the suitcase flap which I think is very cool.

Did everything fit?

If you watched the video you’ll see that although I was pretty suprised, everything fit inside the bag! I even added in my trustee Nikon D 750 because I had so much extra space. It all fits.

I was definitely trying to debunk the AD to be honest, because I just really didn’t think it was going to fit everything. So I was pleasantly surprised. You might be like, Sarah, you’ve had this bag for a year, you know how big it is. But I just don’t pack very well and if you know me, you will know that I literally just throw everything into the bag in a ball. So I guess that’s, that’s been my problem all at all. Now I would imagine if I did have the packing cubes, I’d fit even more.

Nordace Siena Backpack Quality | Is the bag good quality?

Something else they talk about on the website is that the bags are made of high-quality materials and how the Siena has really padded on the shoulders for comfort. And I 100% agree with this. The shoulders on this bag are the best out of any bag I’ve ever owned in my life. Like you can wear this round for the day and it won’t start getting uncomfortable until later in the day. If even,

Regarding the quality,ย  I’ve had it over a year and I’m not very careful with my stuff. Like I’ll just throw it into the car, I’ll have it on the ground, but it doesn’t matter. It’s in perfect condition (click the video to see for yourself). Like there are no scratch marks. It’s a bit grubby on the bottom. But in terms of material, it’s not scratched or scuffed or anything.

The Other Pros

What I really liked is that the leather on the bag is actually vegan leather, which is another plus for me as well.ย  I think it’s a great design because it’s a square backpack. Like it doesn’t lose its shape. If you have like a normal backpack and you throw a load of stuff in, it goes really bulky and round and it sticks a mile out from your back. Whereas because the Nordace Siena is square/rectangular, it keeps its shape. So even though it’s packed quite full, it doesn’t look huge, I don’t think.

Basically, I love this bag!ย 

By the way if you’re wondering “How to use the Nordace Backpack Charger” be sure to watch my video as I show it there!

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If you’re visiting Doolin and wonder what to do, be sure to check out my Doolin Travel Guide video. On a recent trip to Doolin, Ireland, I tried the Cliffs of Moher Cruise, as well as explored the village, shops and restaurants. I also stayed with Doolin Glamping which was a great experience.

What is there to do in Doolin Ireland?

This video covers:

Doolin Glamping
Doolin Ferry
Some Doolin Places to Eatย 
Doolin Things To do
Doolin Pier
Fanore Beach


A complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs – Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

When you think of cliffs in Ireland, I’m pretty sure I know what comes to your mind. The Cliffs of Moher in Clare firstly, and maybe the Slieve Leauge Cliffs in Donegal as a second thought. But not many people think of the Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known as – “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs”. In reality, they are spectacular. Higher than the famous Cliffs of Moher and very striking to look at with a beautiful banding through the rock face. Definitely another must-visit place in Ireland – and definitely a must-visit in County Kerry! If you want to know more about this spot, here is your complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs!


Where are the Kerry Cliffs? Kerry Cliff Experience

Kerry Cliff Map

The Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known (it is literally at the sign outside) “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs” are along the Skellig Ring in County Kerry, just south of Portmagee. It is an official Wild Atlantic Way Point!

For reference, the cliffs are:

  • about a 6-minute drive (2.5km) from Portmagee. | The Kerry Cliffs to Portmagee
  • about 1 hour 25-minute drive (79.5km) from Killarney. | The Kerry Cliffs to Killarney
  • 1 hour 50 minutes (110.2km) from Dingle. | The Kerry Cliffs to Dingle

Kerry Cliffs Height – How high are the Kerry Cliffs?

best cliffs in ireland, kerry cliffs

The images of the Kerry Cliffs really don’t show off their incredible height. The Kerry Cliffs are an impressive 300 metres above the sea (1000 feet).

The Kerry Cliffs VS The Cliffs of Moher – Height Difference

Just to compare to the good aul Cliffs of Moher (we have to don’t we?!) – they are 214 metres or 700 feet. So while they are hands down one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, the Kerry Cliffs are in fact, much taller.

I have been at the cliffs a few times and when I look at images afterward, the images just don’t do the height justice. For reference, in this image, the arrow is pointing to people, which you can barely see as they disappear next to these soaring cliffs.

The Kerry Cliff Experienceย  – FAQS

Who owns the Kerry Cliffs

It is a family-run business by the Oโ€™Donoghue family from Portmagee.ย  Although the Cliffs have been a place of interest for a long time, it is only in recent years that the family developed the site with a walkway to the Cliffs, where safety is a priority.

On Arrival – Is there parking for the Kerry Cliffs.

Once you pull in off the street you’ll find yourself in a large gravel car park. You can park wherever and the parking itself is free.

Do you have to pay to see the Kerry Cliffs? How much is the Kerry Cliffs

Yes, there is a small ticket box between the car park and the cliffs and it is very reasonable at 5 euros per person. You receive a cute little “Kerry Cliffs” laminated ticket which you can keep as a souvenir – I still have my first ticket from years ago!

Are there facilities at the location?

Yes! It is a really great spot, there are men’s and women’s toilets just beside the car park. There is also a cute little cafe that was built in an old train carriage and if you don’t want to sit out on the benches (it can be REALLY windy), there is a double-decker bus that has been converted into a little seating area. It is really cute!

There is also a campsite! Just Google Kerry Cliff Camping for details or check out

The Kerry Cliffs in Ireland, Kerry's Most Spectacular cliffs

My Experience

I absolutely love visiting this place. I think it is absolutely worth the entry fee for the two fantastic viewing points which look out onto Skellig Michael and Puffin Island as well as having a place to stop and eat lunch and use the bathroom. To make it a bit cheaper, the last time I brought a packed lunch and just had a mini picnic in the car!

As with all attractions in Ireland, you really do have to be prepared for all weather! I recommend wearing a windproof jacket and a hat because the wind here is always crazy! I visited recently and the wind was so bad, I struggled to walk to the viewpoint. I was fighting the wind the entire way and had to eventually use the barrier to pull myself up the hill!!

I have been twice and will likely go again just to admire the views. You can see puffins at the right time of year too so I’m determined to catch a peek at some point!

While this attraction is not on the Ring of Kerry, it is definitely worth veering off to see the views on the Skellig Ring. It is stunning and just one of the reasons why Kerry is my joint favourite county – along with Donegal of course!

Will you visit?

Or have you been already? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!


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