I’m after moving back to Galway! It’s been almost 3 and a half years since I finished college here, and now I’m back. After a year of long distance, it was finally time to pick a place for me and Eoghan to move together. After so much time apart I didn’t really care where we were, as long as we weren’t four hours away from each other anymore! Eoghan had always wanted to live here, and I knew my way around, so what better place to choose?!


Sheriff was looking for some more professional photos for his styling blog. He went for option one in my content creation package. These are my favourite shots from the day.

the tales of tinyboots
the tales of tinyboots photography
the tales of tinyboots photography
the tales of tinyboots photography
the tales of

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Last weekend me and Eoghan had a full day together!! When I say a full day, I mean from waking up until about 6 oclock when he had to make his way back to Donegal. This doesn’t happen a lot lately so we wanted to make the most of it. It had to be something not too far away so we didn’t spend half our day traveling. We decided t go to Sligo seeing as it was on Eoghan’s route home, and look at the views along the Gleniff Horseshoe.

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