Sheriff wanted outfit shots taken. Working toward becoming a stylist means good quality, professional photos are a must. We shot around the Cathedral in Longford. I didn’t know my town could look so stylish!

the tales of tinyboots, photoshoot, photography, cathedral longford the tales of tinyboots photography, longford cathedral

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the tales of tinyboots photography the tales of tinyboots photography the tales of tinyboots photography

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the tales of tinyboots



Does the mention of the word airplane cause your stomach to clench uncomfortably? You’ll do anything to avoid hearing or seeing anything about planes. Except, when you come across an accident involving an airplane on the news you’ll cling on for every minute detail? Where booking a flight has your heart racing and awakens that feeling of being trapped you avoid so much? And if you do make it to the airport at all, the entire experience of flying is a trembly, teary traumatic experience? If so, you might want to hear about the Fly Fearless Course in Dublin. I recently tried out this fear of flying course in Dublin. Can you really cure your fear of flying in just one day?

IT’S THE FIRST OF OCTOBER! That means it’s okay to start talking about Halloween now. I take Halloween very seriously. It is my favourite time of year (..maybe tied with Christmas) and it’s on during thee best season – Autumn. In the spirit of October, I’ve put together a list Halloween Activites for Adults. 

If you’re a big child inside and like any excuse to go all out for Halloween, this is the post for you. This includes fully embracing Autumn and doing things that get me in the mood for If you want to have a Halloween packed October, here are some Hallowen activities for adults to keep you going!

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