How To Enjoy Doing Things Alone | Scared To Do Things Alone

In 2022 I started a “self love” journey and was determined to start enjoying doing things alone. I’ve always HATED doing things alone/going places alone. I felt like it would be boring or pointless, and it would make me feel uncomfortable too. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about why this is, and I’ve begun to enjoy doing things solo. So much so that sometimes I prefer to go solo.

You can find my “doing things alone” series below from most recent to oldest!

Overcoming solo trip anxiety:

Doing a solo Halloween Instagram Photoshoot:

Solo hiking:

Solo Hiking Trip In Sligo doing the Devil’s Chimney and Sea Swim at Rosslare Beach

Solo Trip To Galway for the Galz Gon Wild sea swim

Solo Coffee Date

Solo Spa Day to Kilronan Castle

Solo Food Date in Carrick

Solo Cinema Date

How To Do Things Alone | How To Do Things By Yourself | Doing Things Solo


The video that started the series “Watch if you Don’t Like Doing Things Alone”

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