Things to do over Christmas in Galway

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It is no secret that Galway is Ireland’s friendliest city. People flock here to take in it’s charm all year around. At Christmas, the atmosphere intensifies if possible as the city ups it’s game. The over-the-top decorations and the famous Christmas markets reappear. If you’re looking to indulge in the Christmas spirit for a day, look no further than the countries most western city!

Decorating on a budget

In August me and Eoghan moved into a new place. Knowing we were going to be here for at least a year, we decided to really make this place our own. I wanted our living room to be really cosy, calming and .. our happy place essentially. Trying to save to travel, we were decorating on a budget, so I didn’t know how possible this would be to make it feel like us, but I absolutely love how it all turned out.

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