It’s scientifically proven that women should meet up with their girlfriends twice a week for improved mental health. How often do you see your friends? For me, it’s definitely not twice a week. Not even close sadly – so last month we organised a weekend to pack in as much friendship activities as time would allow! We decided to do the ultimate girls weekend activity – a spa day. Ohhh yes!

Another weekend in Galway with Eoghan. He didn’t get to stay for long so we didn’t do much. We diidddddddd put down a deposit on a place in Moycullen though!! And ate lots of food. Just gonna share these few photos, just cuz I want to!


I’m after moving back to Galway! It’s been almost 3 and a half years since I finished college here, and now I’m back. After a year of long distance, it was finally time to pick a place for me and Eoghan to move together. After so much time apart I didn’t really care where we were, as long as we weren’t four hours away from each other anymore! Eoghan had always wanted to live here, and I knew my way around, so what better place to choose?!


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