Reducing Waste


Why I didn’t buy new clothes for my Holiday

I didn’t buy any new clothes for my Holiday to Portugal this year. One evening a couple of years ago, Eoghan and I sat down and watched a documentary on Netflix – Minimalism, a documentary about important things. Although I have always been one that cares for the environment, something in this documentary really hit home.

Plastic-Free shopping

Plastic free shopping can be really difficult. The main players in the Irish supermarket game are not making all that much effort to reduce their environmental impact. It seems it us up to the consumer to make the necessary changes. I’ve come up with some simple tips, to help you reduce the unnecessary packaging you’re bringing home with you. Hope you read something useful.

The Filling Station

Galway city has seen it’s first zero waste shop open it’s doors. The Filling Station is Galway’s first Eco Store. An article came out recently on micro plastics being found in the ice sheets of Greenland. And I’ve seen a crushing video where a manned dive went to the deepest unexplored parts of the ocean. What did they find? Plastic littering the ocean floor. In fact,

“half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once — and then thrown away”.

Our plastic problem is beyond out of control. The Filling Station is here to change that.

The final part of this reducing waste series is here – General waste reducing tips. As with the other two posts, I’ve come up with some tips to reduce the amount of rubbish you’re throwing away. Although it seems daunting there are so many steps you can take to reduce your footprint. I have some other ways of reducing the amount of waste you’re sending to landfill. These 9 tips can really help:

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