Day 4 of the trip.

We woke up in the beautiful Glencoe valley, and ended up at thee most stunning waterfall. It had snowed and there was a dusting of snow on the mountain tops. As we were out of the car exploring, the most bitter wind armed with hail came down on us. Safe to say until lunchtime I hopped in and out of the car for short intervals to get my photos!!

Day three’s venture was the Isle of Skye. The night before we’d pulled off the road at 10.30pm and went straight to sleep. Waking just on time for sunset was somethin of a …. for me, but it was great. Hopping out of the van we were so suprised with the beauuuuutiful landscape around us. Right beside the most still lake, with Eilean castle standing tall and impressive on the other side. Once the sun was up, we moved on.

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