Edinburgh has to be one of the most magical and picturesque cities I’ve been to. If you’re visiting, you won’t be short of things to do and see. And you best have your camera ready too. Let’s be honest, we all love to get a good Instagram picture. I couldn’t help but keep my eyes peeled for good locations for pictures, although this was by no means difficult. It turns out there are unlimited Instagrammable places in Edinburgh!

IT’S THE FIRST OF OCTOBER! That means it’s okay to start talking about Halloween now. I take Halloween very seriously. It is my favourite time of year (..maybe tied with Christmas) and it’s on during thee best season – Autumn. In the spirit of October, I’ve put together a list Halloween Activites for Adults. 

If you’re a big child inside and like any excuse to go all out for Halloween, this is the post for you. This includes fully embracing Autumn and doing things that get me in the mood for If you want to have a Halloween packed October, here are some Hallowen activities for adults to keep you going!

The final part of this reducing waste series is here – General waste reducing tips. As with the other two posts, I’ve come up with some tips to reduce the amount of rubbish you’re throwing away. Although it seems daunting there are so many steps you can take to reduce your footprint. I have some other ways of reducing the amount of waste you’re sending to landfill. These 9 tips can really help:

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