A complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs – Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

When you think of cliffs in Ireland, I’m pretty sure I know what comes to your mind. The Cliffs of Moher in Clare firstly, and maybe the Slieve Leauge Cliffs in Donegal as a second thought. But not many people think of the Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known as – “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs”. In reality, they are spectacular. Higher than the famous Cliffs of Moher and very striking to look at with a beautiful banding through the rock face. Definitely another must-visit place in Ireland – and definitely a must-visit in County Kerry! If you want to know more about this spot, here is your complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs!

Where are the Kerry Cliffs? Kerry Cliff Experience

Kerry Cliff Map

The Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known (it is literally at the sign outside) “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs” are along the Skellig Ring in County Kerry, just south of Portmagee. It is an official Wild Atlantic Way Point!

For reference, the cliffs are:

  • about a 6-minute drive (2.5km) from Portmagee. | The Kerry Cliffs to Portmagee
  • about 1 hour 25-minute drive (79.5km) from Killarney. | The Kerry Cliffs to Killarney
  • 1 hour 50 minutes (110.2km) from Dingle. | The Kerry Cliffs to Dingle

Kerry Cliffs Height – How high are the Kerry Cliffs?

best cliffs in ireland, kerry cliffs

The images of the Kerry Cliffs really don’t show off their incredible height. The Kerry Cliffs are an impressive 300 metres above the sea (1000 feet).

The Kerry Cliffs VS The Cliffs of Moher – Height Difference

Just to compare to the good aul Cliffs of Moher (we have to don’t we?!) – they are 214 metres or 700 feet. So while they are hands down one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, the Kerry Cliffs are in fact, much taller.

I have been at the cliffs a few times and when I look at images afterward, the images just don’t do the height justice. For reference, in this image, the arrow is pointing to people, which you can barely see as they disappear next to these soaring cliffs.

The Kerry Cliff Experience  – FAQS

Who owns the Kerry Cliffs

It is a family-run business by the O’Donoghue family from Portmagee.  Although the Cliffs have been a place of interest for a long time, it is only in recent years that the family developed the site with a walkway to the Cliffs, where safety is a priority.

On Arrival – Is there parking for the Kerry Cliffs.

Once you pull in off the street you’ll find yourself in a large gravel car park. You can park wherever and the parking itself is free.

Do you have to pay to see the Kerry Cliffs? How much is the Kerry Cliffs

Yes, there is a small ticket box between the car park and the cliffs and it is very reasonable at 5 euros per person. You receive a cute little “Kerry Cliffs” laminated ticket which you can keep as a souvenir – I still have my first ticket from years ago!

Are there facilities at the location?

Yes! It is a really great spot, there are men’s and women’s toilets just beside the car park. There is also a cute little cafe that was built in an old train carriage and if you don’t want to sit out on the benches (it can be REALLY windy), there is a double-decker bus that has been converted into a little seating area. It is really cute!

There is also a campsite! Just Google Kerry Cliff Camping for details or check out

The Kerry Cliffs in Ireland, Kerry's Most Spectacular cliffs

My Experience

I absolutely love visiting this place. I think it is absolutely worth the entry fee for the two fantastic viewing points which look out onto Skellig Michael and Puffin Island as well as having a place to stop and eat lunch and use the bathroom. To make it a bit cheaper, the last time I brought a packed lunch and just had a mini picnic in the car!

As with all attractions in Ireland, you really do have to be prepared for all weather! I recommend wearing a windproof jacket and a hat because the wind here is always crazy! I visited recently and the wind was so bad, I struggled to walk to the viewpoint. I was fighting the wind the entire way and had to eventually use the barrier to pull myself up the hill!!

I have been twice and will likely go again just to admire the views. You can see puffins at the right time of year too so I’m determined to catch a peek at some point!

While this attraction is not on the Ring of Kerry, it is definitely worth veering off to see the views on the Skellig Ring. It is stunning and just one of the reasons why Kerry is my joint favourite county – along with Donegal of course!

Will you visit?

Or have you been already? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments!


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What to buy when in Ireland? While you can search for the most popular souvenirs and gifts from Ireland, I just don’t think that should cut it! Are you picking up something to remember Ireland? Or you are looking for a unique gift for your friends? Why not steer clear of the usual tat and look for something a bit special. Why not a unique souvenir or gift from Ireland? So when you’re trying to choose what to bring home from Ireland, look no further!

What to Buy When in Ireland? Unique Gifts and Souvenirs from Ireland

We’ve all walked the streets of a city to see the rows of tacky tourist shops. In Ireland, these are all the same. You can’t help but notice the traditional Irish music drifting through the open doors! While these shops can be handy in a last-minute souvenir pinch on the way back to the airport, does anyone really like gifts from these shops? Orange white and green socks, a Guinness-shaped money box or slippers or a Dublin baseball hat or t-shirt? Let’s not leave out the “pog mo thoin” license plate. Luckily there are much more memorable and sincere gifts and souvniers you can take home from Ireland!

Traditional Irish Gifts – Clothing

Irish culture and clothing was long influenced by the climate. With the wild and bitter winds of the Atlantic and frequent rainfall, heavy knitted clothing was common in Ireland. Similarly, due to the countries history of dependence on agriculture, with an abundance of sheep farmers meant a lot of clothing was made from Irish wool. Why not bring home a warm Irish Jumper to remember the …

Aran Jumpers

Traditionally these were quite rough knitted wool jumpers used to protect fishermen from the cold and difficult conditions of life at sea. They were first created on the Aran Islands which is where the name came from. Now, they come in a variety of colours and patterns and the wool can be treated to be more comfortable. Most tourist towns will have an Aran Jumper shop where you can pick one up.

You can now choose from jumpers, scarves, shawls and gloves and slippers.

These don’t come cheap, but is a great gift to bring home from Ireland, and will surely keep you warm in winter!

I picked up one recently in “Village Crafts” in Doolin village!

Socks  – keep your feet cosy

What is one thing we all need? Socks! Socks have traditionally been the go-to gift for dads for years. However, in Ireland, socks can be the perfect gift to bring home to just about anyone!

The Irish Sock Society

The Irish Sock Society are a Galway Company. Their socks are super colourful and have plenty of Irish humour to go around. They really do have socks to brighten any occasion.

Sock COOP – Fun and colourful Irish Socks

Another fantastic Irish Sock Brand is Sock Coop who aim to provide “A little piece of Ireland for your sole”. They certainly do that! This small company have unique designs – providing panoramic views of special Irish places for your feet. From The long walk Galway, to Dingle, Cobh in Cork and Skellig Michael, you can bring these places home with you. Who knew you could have a piece of Ireland with you while you walk to work?! Or the perfect gift.

They even do Birthday Gift boxes. Sure what could be better?!

Wooly hat

A wooly hat is a must in Autumn/Winter, and luckily, there are plenty to choose from. I always tend to look for new hats when I visit Irish attractions. The giftshops always tend to have some Irish wool hats on display. I picked up one of my all-time favourite hats in the giftshop of Clonmacnoise from “Glenrua Wool”. So keep an eye out!


  • Irish Myths and Legends – there are so many beautifully illustrated books that go through the various Irish myths and legends. From “The Children of Lir” to “Cú Chulainn“.
  • Irish Poetry Books

One of my all-time favourite book stores is “Charlie Byrnes” Bookshop in Galway City. Be sure to stop off for a browse if you’re in Galway!

Irish Food and Drink – Irish Food Souvenirs

The good thing with Food and drink souvenirs from Ireland is it’s not hard to find them. While you can pick up food or drink from distilleries, …. you can easily tip into a supermarket – there is no shortage of “Dunnes Stores” or “Supervalue” in every town and city in Ireland.

Cadburys – English company but Cardurys Ireland

So I think a lot of people are shocked to hear that Cadburys is actually an English Company. Many, including a lot of Irish, think that the company started here. Perhaps because of our dependence on the “Dairy Milk” bar. BUT regardless, some Cadburys Chocolate is a great thing to bring back, although it can be found around the world, it is said that it tastes best in Ireland and the UK. In Ireland, the Cadburys Dairy Milk bars are produced in the Coolock factory in Dublin as well as some other popular varieties and of course, they’re made with Irish Milk!

Biscuits – Irish biscuits available in supermarkets

The staple to most Irish kitchens are biscuits to have with tea. Jacobs biscuits originated in Ireland and there are a number of favourites that you can pick up in the nearest shop – representing the best of Ireland’s tradition in baking. The best include Kimberley’s, Jam Mallows, Rich Tea and bourbon creams

Alcohol – Best souvenirs from Ireland

Whiskey – Irish Whiskey

Who doesn’t appreciate the gift of alcohol?! As whiskey is believed to have originated here on the Emerald Isle, a bottle of whiskey may be the obvious choice! Most Irish whiskeys can be picked up in a supermarket (Jameson, Bushmills, Paddys)

Gin – Why not some delicious Irish Gin

Irish gin has risen in popularity over the last few years. Head to the nearest supermarket off-license to grab a bottle. Such as Drumshanbo Gunpowder gin, Glendalough gin

Poitin – One of the strongest drinks in the world

While Poitin was illegal in Ireland up until 1997, this serious stuff is now available to buy. Poitin – pronounced Putcheen – is typically one of the strongest drinks in the world. The stereotypes do not lie! It was made by distilling barley, grain potatoes etc in a pot and typically had an alcohol content of up to 90%

Luxury food and drink


Other Chocolate brands include Skelligs Chocolate, Butlers Chocolate and Katie’s Chocolate (one of my favs!)

Irish Tea – Things only Found in Ireland

There is a huge rivalry in Ireland between Lyon’s Tea and Barry’s Tea. Why not try both and see which you like best!

Other Food and drink-related Irish Gifts & Souvenirs

Why not sneak a Guinness pint glass from the pub (or by all means, buy one!). You can relive that refreshing pint of the black stuff over and over again. Or for some Irish memorabilia, take a coaster from your favourite pub. I have a whole collection of coasters.

A lot of people talk about Irish Bread and Cheese. While I wholeheartedly agree that this is delicious, these are best tried in Ireland because they really don’t transport that well. For that reason, I’d only recommend foods that will last transit, like unopened biscuits, chocolate and alcohol. But do try Irish Brown Bread and Cheese if you wanna risk it!

An Irish cookbook

While Ireland is known for it’s hearty Irish Meals, inspired by the cold and windy weather, why not pick up a traditional Irish Cookbook? That way you can continue to enjoy that beef and Guinness stew or seafood chowder from the comfort of your own home.

Cute Irish Souvenir shops – Gift shops Ireland

There are so many fabulous souvenir and gift shops around Ireland. On your travels, take a look of for these stores:

  • Avoca – County Kerry, Kildare, Wicklow and Dublin
  • Kilkenny shop – Galway City, County Cork, Clare, Kildare, Meath, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Dublin
  • The Craft Village in Spiddal
  • The Treasure Chest – Galway City

Irish gifts and souvenirs for the home

Fairy Door – Traditional Irish Things

Storytelling spans back generations over hundreds of years in Ireland. And many of the myths and legends are still told today. A lot of Irish folklore is surrounding fairies, who access Ireland through a gateway. Well, why not pick up a fairy gate for your little one? You’ll find these in most tourist shops.

You can also pick up a fairy door to bring home as a memento or as a gift? This is such a charming idea and is bound to entertain.

Irish Pottery

Some amazing brands include Nicholas Mosse, Colm De Ris and Rossa Pottery. But you can find many independent artists in craft shops and markets across the country.

Art – what to buy when in Ireland

One of my favourite places to have a browse in Galway City is “Vanda Art Gallery” on Abbeygate Street, as well as the craft village Spiddal – I love the colourful paintings there. But you’ll find countless galleries throughout the country.

Keep some coins

Keep hold of some euro coins, although if you could get your hands on some old Irish punt, that would be even better.

A tin whistle – Irish Gifts for Kids or those who like music

A tin whistle is an ….. instrument. Every child learns to play the tin whistle in school here. Why not pass this on to someone else, or learn a tune or two yourself?

You can find a tin whistle in any music shop. In Galway City, head to Powell’s on Shop Street.

Finally, the cheapest and easiest souvenirs to bring home from Ireland – Ireland memorabilia

Photographs – An easy way to travel back in time

Taking photos is the easiest way you can go about remembering your time on the Emerald Isle. There is no better way to capture and preserve memories and places that you can continue to enjoy for years to come. And better yet, they are free to take! And do not take up any room on the way home!

For some ideas of where to go in Galway City, check out these Instgrammable Places in Galway City – although the pictures don’t have to be for the ‘gram, these are some of the best places to take pictures to remember the city!

Check out my Instagram where I share all my own images from around Ireland.

Generic Ireland Souvenirs and Gifts – What should you get someone from Ireland

If all else fails, and you find yourself on the last day of your trip with no gifts, make do with the tacky Tourist Shops mentioned previously!

Some of the best items to take home from these shops would be:

  • Magnets
  • Postcards – I love collecting postcards from different places
  • Chocolates/sweets

How to transport your large souvenirs and gifts home?

Luckily, a lot of galleries in Ireland will include transport. They will ship your items to the US etc so that you do not have to carry them with you. This is great for items like large prints. That way, you can arrange a date for when you will already be home to receive them.

For other gifts, you’ll just have to leave room in your luggage!


I hope this post helped you when it comes to What to buy when in Ireland. In all honesty, the possibilities are endless. It is best to choose something that will be useful to you in the future or provide some value. Something that will keep the memories of Eire alive forever!


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What is the Wander Wild Festival? Outdoor Festival in County Kerry

Friendly reminder that all images are subject to copyright! 

When you think of a festival, you may think of jumping up and down with a crowd to electro music or rocking backwards and forwards on a friend’s shoulders trying to catch a glimpse of your favourite band. You may think of sloshing through muddy fields, colourful wellies sinking into the earth as you try to find your tent. But the Wander Wild Festival in Killarney  Ireland, is a festival with a difference. It’s Killarney’s own Great Outdoors Festival for all the adventurers out there!

The Wander Wild Festival has adventure, wellness, food events and film events – there is something for everyone! And the festivities run over a weekend in March. I was lucky enough to be invited along to experience it for myself, and I am so glad!

Where is Wander Wild Festival? Where does the Wander Wild Festival Take place?

The Wander Wild Festival takes place in Killarney Co Kerry, in Ireland. While some events take place right in the town, there are a few locations. The “adventure” events take place in various locations from The Gap of Dunloe to Ross Castle, Torc Woods, Carrauntoohil, Mangerton and Deenagh Lodge. The Wellness events took place in ANAM Cultural Community Centre and the Film Festival took place at St Mary’s Church. There were brochures available around the town, in restaurants and hotels, as well as the basecamp – which noted each event and the location.

The Festival Venues for Wander Wild Festival

Wander Wild Festival Killarney

Festival Basecamp:

Basecamp was located between the Killarney Plaza Hotel and St. Mary’s Church. This was the go-to for any information on the festival.

ANAM Cultural Centre:

This is where the wellness events took place. There were various yoga classes for all levels and also events for children.

St Mary’s Church:

St Mary’s Church was the location for the Film Festival. Numerous films played throughout the weekend from “A Plastic Ocean” to “Yellowstone 88” and “Viacruxis” just to name a few!

Various restaurants and hotels in Killarney also took part in the festival, providing special offers for festival-goers!


If you’re enjoying this post and are going to be visiting Kerry, or Ireland, be sure to check out:


The different events | Schedule for the Wander Wild Festival

While I’m sure the schedule will look a lot different for 2023, here is a look at how it looked this year. It will give you a good idea of what to expect. You’ll see there really is something to suit everyone, from hiking, to rock climbing, boat rides, yoga and more!

Check out Wander Wild Festival to keep an eye out for 2023 details! 

Is Wander Wild Festival Suitable for Children? Are Children Allowed

Absolutely! Each time I passed basecamp, the church garden would be filled with children playing. There were a number of events for children, from children’s orienteering to the kid’s trail race, as well as art workshops!

My Experience at the Wild Wander Festival in Killarney

I was lucky enough to attend Wander Wild Festival in Kerry this year and can admit that it really is a festival created for those with adventures on the mind. The festival has a brilliant range of events to enjoy, from hiking Carrauntoohil, to kayaking Ross Lake at sunset. Try a sunrise dip or rock climbing at the Gap of Dunloe. Or if you want something less active, try out some yoga, or a viewing at the Film festival. The whole town of Killarney is transformed for the weekend. And the local business, hotels and restaurants get involved too. I had such a great weekend. And of course,  a rare week of fantastic weather in Ireland only added to the experience. 

Having a fair bit to travel, I only arrived Saturday afternoon. I took Eoghan with me and as soon as we arrived in the town, we could feel the friendly buzz around the place. With bunting draped across the busy streets and Wander Wild signs at every street corner.

Wander Wild Festival Killarney

We checked into the Randles Hotel and we were absolutely thrilled that our room had a view of the purple mountains off in the distance. The hotel was beautiful both inside and out and after checking in, we enjoyed the terrace as we ate in the sun.

I attended a yoga class, which was at 5 pm Saturday. Our hotel was only 5 minutes walk to the town centre so I walked to the ANAM Centre. It was a perfect contemporary space for yoga, with the sun shining through a wall of enormous glass windows. They stretched the length of the studio allowing light to flood into the room. The yoga was fab and was tailored to suit all levels.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Porterhouse. I opted for the vegetarian curry while Eoghan went for fish and chips. Everything looked (and tasted) incredible. I had to snap a few pics for the ‘gram before eating. You know how it is…! And I must say, I had the most insane brownie I have ever tasted!

Wander Wild Festival Killarney

Afterwards, we headed for the “Wander Wild Hooley” which was a music event in the back of “The Laurels Pub”. A Celtic folk band “The Sharon Langston Band” played traditional Irish music which had every person present tapping their feet! And there was also a performance by Cathal Flaherty, who I had not heard of but he was absolutely fantastic!

On Sunday, after an amazing sleep, we headed to Muckross to do a “sunrise dip”. Now I’m not gona lie, our bed was so comfy we slightly missed sunrise (the clocks changed too!!) but I made sure to get the dip in. Nothing like freezing cold water to wake you up!

After breakfast at the hotel, we took off to explore some other events happening around the town. We enjoyed the sun in the Killarney House Gardens and then strolled around in the shade for the inside tour as well as the “Park Ranger Photography Exhibition”. The images were just stunning, with the nature and wildlife of Killarney perfectly preserved.

It really was a great weekend and if this was just the first year, I can’t even imagine how great Wander Wild 2023 will bring. Before we had even left, Eoghan was already talking about attending the next year!

We certainly will! Will you?


*This was a PR Trip for Instagram. I was not asked to write about this trip at all but I had such a great time I wanted to share it with you!

Top 5 Places in Ireland you NEED to visit | Ireland Must See Places

The Best Beaches in Donegal

Donegal is known for it’s world-famous beaches. If you’re visiting Ireland, be sure to make time to visit the Best Beaches in County Donegal! Let’s go through them:

Silver Strand / Malin Begdonegal attractions, things to do in donegal, donegal bucketlist , murder hole beach, malin head, silver strand, best beaches in donegal

Malin Beg (Malainn Bhig) also known as Silver Strand Beach is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches in Donegal. Not only that, some would argue it’s one of the best beaches along the Wild Atlantic Way. But you have to work to get there, with over 174 steps leading down to the shore. Although I suppose you have to work harder to leave!

The golden sands stretch out between horseshoe-shaped cliffs/hills and the panoramic views you get looking down from the car park are incredible! It’s a Wild Atlantic Way Discovery point so be sure to stop off if you’re in Donegal!

Note: Swimming is allowed but take note, there will be no lifeguards present.

Parking: Yes

Kinnagoe Bay – Beautiful Beaches in Donegal, Ireland

things to do in donegal. Best beaches donegal. Kinagoe bay, best beaches in donegal

Kinnagoe Bay is another beach in Donegal that will forever stay in your Memory. There are incredible views across the beach as you drive down the steep road to reach it. It’s on the western coast of the Inishowen Peninsula a 20 minutes drive from Carndonagh.

It’s another horseshoe-ish-shaped beach and similarly to Silverstrand, is surrounded by steep cliffs and slopes. There is also a shipwreck of the Spanish armada “La Trinidad Valencara” hidden beneath the waters.

Definitely one of the best beaches in County Donegal but again, would be one of the best in Ireland. Donegal has some great beaches!

Parking: There is a small car park at the bottom of a very steep winding road.


Lagg Beach | Five Fingers Strand | The Best Beaches in County Donegal

donegal ireland, places to see, best beaches in donegal

Five Fingers Strand is a narrow beach that runs along the edge of Trawbreaga Bay. The best view of this beach is from above, and there is a viewpoint a short drive away at Knockamany bends where you can look down on this insane site!

The dunes that line the beach are some of the largest in Europe at 30m high and the unusual name comes from sea stacks that emerge from the water resembling fingers.

Five Fingers Strand in Lagg is just 7 minutes drive from Malin Village, so be sure to stop off to enjoy the views on your way to Malin Head!

Please note: Swimming is not recommended.

Parking: There is a VERY SMALL place to park 3 – 4 cars but you can also park at the nearby church.

Ballymastocker Beach | Beautiful Beach along the Wild Atlantic Way Donegal

fanad head lighthouse, fanad peinsula, donegl, ireland, things to do in donegal, scenery, scenic, beach, gold sandy beach, irish beach, ballymastocker bay, best beaches in donegal

Ballymastocker Beach has once voted the second-best beach in the world never mind Donegal!  Can you see why? The best views of this Wild Atlantic Way discovery point is from the winding hairpin road on the Knockalla hills above.  The beach seems ot stretch on forever and it is a Blue Flag beach, so get in the water!

I recommend driving around the whole edge of Fanad Peninsula starting at Letterkenny as far as Fanad Head Peninsula. There is some stunning scenery the whole way around.

Parking: There is plenty of parking but it can be very busy in summer.

Be sure to read more about the best things to do in Donegal.

Murder Hole Beach / Boyeeghter Bay

donegal attractions, things to do in donegal, donegal bucketlist , murder hole beach, best beaches in donegal

Murder Hole beach (Boyeeghter Bay)is one of the best beaches in Donegal for many reasons – one because of the badass name! This is one of my favourite beaches I’ve ever visited, in County Donegal and in Ireland. The waves are violent and the sound is intense as they repeatedly crash down onto the shore. The noise is almost as aggressive as the name Murder Hole!

I do not advise swimming here! But it is lovely for a walk during golden hour.

Please note: While the beach is public land, the main way to access this is through private farmland which is NO LONGER open to the public. There is no parking. Some people park along a narrow road but again, the field is not open to the public.

Culdaff Beach / Culdaff Bay


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Culdaff Beach is a long sandy beach just 3 minutes drive from the village. There is actually two beaches – a small and large one, separated by rocky outcrops and are popular with surfers. It is also great for swimming and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer months.

Parking: Yes

Pollan Bay


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Fintra Beach

Rossnowlagh Beach

Murvagh Beach


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The beaches in Donegal for swimming

In Ireland, red and yellow flag beaches are those with lifeguards present so it’s best to choose these beaches for swimming. As of writing this post, Bundoran and Rossnowlagh have lifeguards during the day in Summer. Murvagh, Fintra, Portnoo/Narin, Carrickfinn, Killahoey, Marble Hill,  Downings, Portsalon,  Rathmullan, Culdaff and Stroove beaches also have lifeguards at different times throught the summer. Be sure to look this up before visiting 🙂

The best beach towns in Donegal

While Bundoran would be a big beach town, it is not the most liked as it’s very touristy and “tacky”. Gweedore and Killybegs would be fishing villages. But Killybegs in particular, you will smell the fish! Donegal town is at the mouth of River Eske

How many Blue Flag beaches are in donegal

Currently, Donegal has 12 Blue Flag beaches:

  • Bundoran Beach, Ballyshannon
  • Killahoey Beach, Dunfanaghy
  • Murvagh Beach, Donegal Area
  • Culdaff Beach, Malin
  • Rossnowlagh Beach, Ballyshannon
  • Shroove Beach, Greencastle
  • Carrickfinn Beach, Annagary
  • Fintra Beach, Killybegs
  • Marble Hill Beach, Dunfanaghy
  • Naran Beach, Naran
  • Portsalon Beach, Portsalon
  • Downings Beach, Downings


The Best Beaches in County Donegal

  1. Silverstrand / Malin Beg
  2. Kinnagoe Bay
  3. Five Fingers Strand / Lagg Beach
  4. Ballymastocker Beach
  5. Murder Hole Beach
  6. Culdaff Beach
  7. Pollan Bay
  8. Fintra Beach
  9. Rossnowlagh Beach
  10. Murvagh Beach

I hope you enjoyed my “best beaches in County Donegal“. Be sure to read more about the best things to do in Donegal.


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