Just picture this; walking through Galway’s winding cobbled streets with the sounds of people enjoying the city in the air. Lively Irish music drifting onto the street through ajar doors of the many pubs. The sun shining down while you watch the street performers and make your way to sit in the warmth at the Spanish Arch. What could make this experience even better? Ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better. I am so excited to tell you about my favourite, and the best ice cream in Galway City.

The Best Ice Cream in Galway City


Scrumdiddys – Definitely some of the Best Ice Cream in Galway City

scrumdiddlys, best ice cream galway city

Scrumdiddlys is  my absolute favourite place to grab ice cream in Galway currently. They serve absolutely deliiiightful ice cream with more toppings to choose from than you could ever imagine. In fact, there are 7000 combinations you could pick from in total – I hope you’re good at decision making!

I am going to admit something that will make you question the type of person I am. I don’t like 99s – there I said it. To explain, what is a 99? Whip (Soft serve) ice cream in a cone – with a Cadburys flake. I don’t like plain ice cream.

However, Scrumdiddlys has converted me! My favourite is the “Scrum Fiteroles” special. It’s whip ice cream with fresh cream profiteroles, strawberries and heavenly Cadburys melted sauce. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Take a look at the featured image of this post and feast your eyes on this beauty!

There will be queues, but it’s worth it for the big portions, affordable prices, and delicious ice cream with whatever topping you wish. It’s no wonder Scrumdiddlys is spreading across the country.

Where is Scrumdiddlys Galway?

Scrumdiddlys is in the Latin Quarter on middle street. Less than a minutes walk from Shop Street.

Opening hours of Scrumdiddlys Galway

Scrumdiddlys generally open 12 am – 8 pm. 9 pm on weekends. For up to date opening hours however, always check facebook.

If you are a food lover like me, check out this other post: Cool Places to Eat in Galway

Ginos Gelato – Delicious Gelato in Galway City

best ice cream in galway city, ginos gelato

Ginos Gelato is an Irish owned ice cream parlour that makes fresh authentic Italian ice cream inspired by their Italian roots. Indeed, Ginos Gelato came to be in the 1960s as an ice cream stand. They are now nationwide and ever-expanding.

With every flavour you could ever dream up, from creamy chocolate rocher to berry cheesecake. Not only that, there are also waffles, crepes and milkshakes to choose from too. I’ve recently started getting the milkshakes and they are just heavenly on a warm day and so full of flavour.

Be it blue skies or a rainy day in winter, there is always a queue for Ginos Gelato and that says it all!

Where is Ginos Gelato in Galway?

It is perfectly situated at the Eyre Square side of Shop Street. The ideal place to stop off and grab some gelato before going exploring the city.

Ginos Opening hours?

Ginos Gelato tends to be open late – until 10 pm most nights. In fact, for full opening hours of Ginos Gelato, always check the facebook page.

Murphys – one of the best places for Ice cream in Galway city

murphys ice cream galway city

Ah Murphys, everything about this place screams Irish. From the uniforms complete with a Paddy cap, to the crazy unique flavours Murphys is known for. That’s right, flavours include Irish Brown Bread, Irish Coffee and Dingle Gin!  Yep, get ready for an unforgettable and quirky experience.

The staff are known for being incredibly friendly and polite and are always found outside offering samples of the distinct flavours. Murphys opened it’s doors in 2000 in Dingle and is now in 5 locations.

Murphys Ice cream is made in Dingle with milk from Kerry cows and the company are staying close to their goal of “making the best ice cream in the world”.

Where is Murphys Icecream in Galway?

Murphys is in arguably the best part of the city. Surrounded by pubs and delicious restaurants on High Street.

Want to know more? For Murphys Ice Cream opening hours and anything else you need to know, here is the link for their Facebook.

Kenny Joes Gelato – Galway City

Kenny Joes Gelato galway city, best icrecream

Kenny Joes Gelato has a flavour to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Including crunchy caramel, black oreo and Jaffa cake. There’s also a whole menu to choose from with ice cream, smoothies, shakes, crepes and mmmm freshly made doughnuts!

The premises is little more than a stone archway but you won’t miss it. Especially after dark with it’s fun colourful decor and neon signs.

Where is Kenny Joes?

Kenny Joes can also be found on High street

For more information see the Facebook page.

Bubble Bee – My wild card for Ice cream in Galway

Bubble Bee is my wild card. OoOoOh! It isn’t actually an ice cream parlour but a cafe known for their stunning and exquisite desserts. The menu includes coffee, bubble tea, food, milkshakes and of course the one worth mentioning here, is the very popular bubble waffles with ice cream.

Check out their Facebook page to see images of their wonderful creations as well as opening hours.

Where is Bubble Bee Galway?


So there you have it

5 of the best ice cream places in Galway city. Enjoy making your way through these! Do you think I missed out on somewhere special? Let me know in the comments, I’d be more than happy to go sampling more ice cream places .. for educational purposes of course 😉


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Cool Places to Eat in Galway

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When I think of Ireland attractions, one of the first thing that comes to Ireland is visiting the Cliffs of Moher. In fact, it is the most naturally occurring visited attraction in the country. The second visited attraction overall. I can completely see why, what with the crashing waves in the waters below, the swooping birds chirping away and the jaw-dropping cliffs themselves.

Let’s not lie, we all love to get a good Instagram picture. Whether you admit it or not, you feel that buzz of joy with every like notification. Luckily, Galway is the most picturesque city filled with Instagrammable Places. With narrow criss-crossing cobbled streets, colourful street art, and medieval architecture. The whole city is heaving with atmosphere and more importantly, places to make your gram stand out.

It won’t be hard to start wracking up those likes with these Insagrammable places in Galway City:

But first, What does Instagrammable mean?

Instagrammable basically just means anything that is worth posting on Instagram. But in recent years, this definition has really developed into a whole lot more.

As well as referring to anything worth posting on the gram, it means photogenic, attractive and generally, following some Instagram trend – A mysterious girl from the back in a beautiful location, a flat lay of a cup of coffee in a cafe. You know it when you see it!

Instagram is now influencing so much in our lives from our outfits, to our holiday destinations. I mean, people have always wanted to wear nice clothes and visit scenic places, but Instagram has taken this to the next level. So are you ready for your Instagram fix in Galway?

Let’s get into some of the most Instagrammable places in Galway City. 

*BUT FIRST, if you would be interesting in taking a tour of Galway’s Instagrammable spots with a Galway photographer and Instagrammer to really up your game, check out the end of the post for Insta Tours Galway*

Instagrammable Walls and murals:

Kelsey Montague Mural – Instagrammable Angel Wings Galway City

What says Instagram more than wall murals? Well just on Eyre Square you’ll find stunning wings painted on a wall beside O’Connell’s bar. These were painted by Kelsey Montague. Kelsey is a US artist and has left her artwork in cities all over the world.

The Wings in Galway are part of her “What Lifts You” campaign. The idea is to take a picture at the wings and post it along with what inspires you most. Such a beautiful idea. And there you go, an Instagrammable place in Galway, as well as the caption, sorted all-in-one!

This is the only work done by Kelsey in Ireland, so get Instagramming! My shot will be coming soon.


galway, ireland, wild atlantic way, places to eat

The Long Walk

The Long Walk is an iconic row of houses along Galway Bay in the Claddagh area of Galway City. It’s sometimes described as the most photographed street in Galway. While I’m not sure if that’s true, it certainly would be close. It screams Instagram with its row of cute coloured, uneven-sized houses along the waterfront.

*This street also features heavily in Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl Video – Check back for a post of all the other locations in the video soon.

So, get your creative juices flowing with a stroll down the Long Walk where you’re bound to get that shot for the gram.

Quay Street, Cross Street & Shop Street – Instagrammable Streets in Galway

top places you need to see in ireland, shop street, galway

The linear walk from pedestrian shop street to High Street, Quay Street and perpendicular Cross Street is undoubtedly the most walked and most popular streets of the city. Each street bleeds into the next. The cobbled and paved pedestrian path is so charming and picturesque. And on a summers day, the atmosphere is infections. My uncle once said “you can’t walk down shop street without smiling”, and it’s true.

Instagrammable streets in Galway, cobbled street, colourful shopfront, wooden heart

This is probably the most Instagrammable place in Galway and you will see cameras and phones snapping away in every direction. Bustling with tourists, buskers, music, colorful shopfronts and flags; it really is the heart and essence of Galway city. A trip to Galway City would not be complete without getting an Instagram here.

The Canal Walk – Instagrammable Walk in Galway

The Canal Walk is a short, but pretty walk placed between the canal and the river Corrib, winding its way along the edge of the city. It starts at the stone archway beside the born clothing store near the Salmon Weir bridge. You can follow it right along to the Claddagh, coming out at the Wolfe Tone Bridge.

There are Instagrammable locations the whole way along the walk but there is one specific place id recommend. Just before coming up at Bridge Street halfway through the walk, you will get perfect views of the river passing under the bridge and a canal pouring in from the other side. Such an Instagrammable place in Galway!

Medieval Galway

Galway has a strong history and is the only medieval city in Connacht. There are great instagrammable places in the city reflecting this past.

Spanish Arch

the spanish arch in galway, stone, medieval, archeway, instagrammable places galway

No one knows for sure where the name came from. The Spanish Arch likely received its name due to the Spanish boats that were in and out of the bay regularly. The archway still stands and is the entranceway to the long walk.

It is an extremely Instagrammable place in Galway with the archway and the piece of quay jutting out into the river beside it being popular with locals and tourists alike for sitting and taking in the views.

The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is one of the oldest parts of the city that encompasses its medieval past. It is undoubtedly the most picturesque part of Galway and definitely the most instagrammable. It takes in some places already mentioned like Quay Street and Cross Street but another instrammable place in the Latin quarter is Kirwan’s lane.

galway city, ireland


Other Instagrammable places in Galway

The Claddagh – Instagrammable places in Galway City

The Claddagh was once a separate fishing village and the oldest area of the city. it’s close to the city centre being just a couple minutes walk away. In its day, the area was lined with thatched cottages but sadly these are gone now.

It is so beautiful at sunset and a great place to get your camera out. In summer you’ll find every inch of ground occupied. As the place is thronged with people, drinking along the water enjoying the sun.

The Claddagh ring also originated here over 400 years ago.

Galway Cathedral

The cathedral stands bold along the River Corrib and although not religious myself, I can’t deny that it makes for a great photograph. With the Salmon Weir Bridge and the canal and river running in front, you are sure to get that Instagram shot.

Blackrock Diving Board Salthill – Insgrammable spot

While not technically part of the city, Salthill diving board can not be left out of instagrammable places in Galway. In the nearby village of Salthill just 1.4 km from the city, it is walking distance along the beautiful coast.

The diving board is for sure the most instagrammed part of Salthill. Whether there are people queuing down the steps to jump off in summer or the angry waves are hurling themselves over the top of it in winter, it’s a great place to get some shots.

Although originally rejected when being built, it’s now the most iconic spot in Salthill.

Map of Instagrammable Places in Galway

Luckily with Galway being such a small city, all the attractions are super close together and are walkable distance from one another. You can see all the instagrammable places in Galway in a short space of time and while exploring the rest of the city. Below is a map of the way I recommend you see them:

Map of instagrammable places galway

While you can visit these locations in any order you wish, I’ve put this together to be the most efficient way to see the Instagrammable places in the city. I also considered the time of day and business while making the map. I recommend going early before it is too busy. From *quiet* Eyre Square in the morning, you can walk out and back in to the city, stopping off at Galway Cathedral and coming back into the city by the Canal walk.

This would be a great time to stop off for lunch which is why I have the Latin quarter next. Restaurants with mouthwatering food in every direction. If you’d like to see my favourite restaurants, click to view my “coolest places to eat in Galway” post.

After that is a good time to go out and enjoy the Claddagh, including the Spanish arch and Long walk. Hopefully, the sun won’t be too high by the time you go out this direction meaning the lighting won’t be too harsh for your Instagram shots too!

visiting menlo castle, menlo castle, galway city attractions

Instagrammable places near Galway city

  • NUIG
  • Menlo Castle
  • Silver Strand


Interested in a Guided Tour of the Insta Hotspots?

Insta Tours have just expanded to Cork and Galway city. What does this mean? It means you can do a guided tour of these spots plus some more with a Galway Photographer and Instagrammer. You will get the best photography tips as well as get answers to any questions on upping your Instagram game too.

What will you get from booking into an Insta Tour of Galway? 
  • You will learn how to shoot the BEST shots for Instagram, right from your smartphone.
  • Explore Galway Cities’ best photography spots including some hidden gems along the way.
  • And maybe most importantly, learn all you need to know to up your Instagram game: all about upping your engagement and reach.

If you want to book a tour, please check out this link:

You never know, maybe I’ll be your tour guide!

Galway Instagram Hashtags

Now that you’ve got your amazing Instagram shots, you need to consider the best hashtags to use to get the best reach and show them off.

There are so many hashtags to choose from and I always recommend doing some research to pick the best ones to suit your shot, these are my go-to Galway and Ireland hashtags:


#thisisgalway #galwayireland #galwaycity #galwaybay #galwaygirls #loveconnemara #visitgalway #connacht


#irelandlove #littlepiecesofireland #thefullirish_ #lovinireland #irishcentral #icuireand #irelandcalling #westisbest #wildatlanticway #wanderireland #irelandinspires #tourismeirlandais #instantirelande

Christmas in galway, galway city, christmas time, christmas lights, street photography, tourist

Instagram captions – perfect for your Galway Instagram shots

Instagram captions can also have an effect on how well your post does. While I like to discuss what was happening around taking the picture, there’s nothing wrong with a simple quote caption. It is said that longer captions do the best with your photos but ultimately it is the shot that counts. Whether you want to do a who/what/where/why caption or simply “Galway girl” it’s up to you. Personally I do prefer longer captions and enjoy reading what people have to say.

Song quotes including Mentions Of Galway

  • “my soul to sour forevermore, above you Galway bay” My own dear Galway bay
  • “Boys I ain’t never seen nothing like a Galway girl” – The Galway girl
  • “My pretty little Galway girl” – Galway girl Ed Sheeran
  • Just to watch the suds roll down by Galway bay – Galway bay

Quotes about Galway

  • There are no strangers here, only friends that you haven’t met yet – W.B. Yeats

Final thoughts

So there you have it. The best Instagrammable places in Galway city as well as the hashtags and captions to ensure your new post gets the reach it deserves.

I hope you enjoyed my post on “the most Instagrammable places in Galway City” and found it helpful. If you did,

comment below

and tell me how it helped!

And if you enjoyed my pictures, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!



Instagrammable bars and restaurants coming soon! 

Please note, Images are my own and are subject to the laws of copyright.

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Malin head is the most northerly point of Ireland and has some of the most amazing scenery. I say that about almost everywhere, but damn Ireland has some jaw-dropping landscapes. If you want to see waves hurling themselves at jagged cliffs, green lush hills, gold-sand beaches and rocky mountains, Malin head in Donegal is where you want to go.

malin head, cliffs, water, sunset, ireland

What to see / things to do at Malin Head Donegal

Banbas Crown

Banbas crown is the area of Malin Head right where you park.

There is a lower car park which now has proper toilets (amazing!- it used to just have 2 portaloos!) and up a short path there is another small car park right at the crown. On a nice day you might find a coffee or food van at the top.

At this point you’ll come across the old signal station dating back to the 1800s. On a good clear day you may be able to catch a glimpse of the Scottish hills across the North Atlantic too.

If you look down from the tower, you’ll see the old “80 Eire sign, from back in war times, used as a landmark  for pilots passing over. The area is also home to one of Ireland’s most important weather stations.

banbas crown, donegal, malin head

From Banbas Crown, you can walk along the coast by a gravel path and head out west along the coast. It’s well worth the walk so wrap up well against the wild Atlantic winds and prepare for a awe-inspiring walk.

Hells Hole

A weird name I must admit although that may be my crude sense of humour. By continuing along the path, passed the jagged rocks and swirling waves you’ll come to “Hell’s Hole”. This is a 30m deep fissure where the ocean crashes  itself at the rocks.

Continuing on from here you will arrive at the Malin Head Viewpoint:

malin head, cliffs, water

Malin Head Viewpoint

Although not the most northerly point, the viewpoint is the real treat when visiting Malin head. At the end of your walk you will come to the most insane, huge rocky cliffs which literally just drop down into the raging waters below.

This is the most amazing place to witness sunset. I was there on new years day 2019 and as the sun sunk slowly below the horizon it left an orange glow on the area. If you can get there for sunset definitely do!

When you pull up at the car park you may not even realise this insane view is just 15 minutes walk away so definitely take the walk along the coast to reach this point.

malin head, cliffs, water, sunset, ireland

Other important events you may experience at Malin head – if you’re lucky!

Star Wars – May the 4th Be With you in Donegal

Malin head, and the rest of Donegal, holds huuuge significance for all the star wars fans out there (I am a new star wars fan and pretty excited about it!). Malin head is just one of the locations in Ireland used for filming “The Last Jedi”.

In fact, the millennium falcon was actually built at Malin head for filming.

To celebrate this, the main road to Malin head (originally R242) has been renamed to “R2D2” which is pretty fun I think! So, if you’re passing by you might as well hop out of the car and get a picture by the sign!

The “May the 4th be with you” festival is highly celebrated in the area due to the Star Wars universe coming to Ireland. If you are in the area on this day, you might just see some stormtroopers taking a spin through Malin head and the nearby towns.

There is a Star Wars tour of the area. For more information go through to the website.

cliffs, ireland

The Northern Lights – Amazing Malin Head Attraction in Donegal

I’m pretty sure seeing the northern lights is on every bodies bucket list. Well, this magical light show is known to pass over Malin head during the right conditions.

I haven’t seen it yet but I full on intend to witness it and will be heading to Malin head at every chance I get when the conditions are right!

There are some Apps out there to keep an eye out for the right conditions for the northern lights in Donegal!

The History of Malin Head


Malin head has a rich history and the area was very useful in war times.

Signal Tower

The signal tower was originally built as a lookout in 1805 by the British, to keep watch for French invaders during the Napoleonic wars. This is very similar to the one on Valentia Island which was built for the same purpose.

The watchtower was used in both WW1 and WW2 and has concrete bunkers. During world war 2, the area was monitored 24 hours a day.

From 1902 the area by the tower was also used as a means to communicate with ships off the coast, with a signal station built nearby.

Eire Sign

The “Eire” sign also dates back to WW2. The sign was created using stones, which were painted white, used for pilots flying over the area. This sign was to indicate that they were flying over neutral Ireland. The number 80 refers to the watchtower number, which you guessed it- was number 80! This area was recently restored.

Inishtrahull – for Geology Nerds!

The inner geologist in my finds it incredibly interesting, that on an island just 5 miles northeast of Malin head is the island of Inishtrahull. This island is made up of the oldest rocks in Ireland – at 1780 million years old!

Where is Malin Head & How to get there

Malin head, as I’ve said is the most northerly point and is on the Inishowen peninsula. It is 16 km north of Malin town. You will want to be driving to reach it and many tours also visit this significant location.


The weather and how to prepare for Malin head

malin head, cliffs, water

As you can imagine, being at a location completely exposed to the Atlantic sea, the area is subject to crazy fierce winds most of the time. The weather can definitely get wild – it’s called the wild Atlantic way for a reason! The wind can get up yourselves and to your ears and can be bitter so you’ll want to be prepared for that. I would suggest:

  • A windproof and waterproof jacket
  • A hat that covers your ears
  • Comfy and waterproof walking shoes

The area is also on marsh and bog land so it can get pretty waterlogged. I have visited the area both very prepared for the weather and very unprepared. Not dressing appropriately can really dampen your visit (literally!) as you’ll be jumping from foot to foot trying to stay warm and will be completely terrorized by the wind out at Malin head viewpoint. Take it from me!


Places nearby Malin Head to Visit:

  • 5 finger strand / Lag : An amazing beach sandwiched between sand dunes and Trawbrega Bay across the water. Along here are some of the largest in sand dunes in Europe, reaching unto 30 meters in height. A great place to view from is Knockamany bends which has a small parking area looking out over the area.
  • Five Finger Strand is located right along the main road from Malin village to Malin Head.

donegal ireland, places to see

  • Carrickabraghy Castle: Carrickabraghy Castle is also nearby. The ruins stand on a rocky outcrop near Ballylifin
  • Doagh beach: another stunning beach near the castle above. It is on Doagh Island/ Isle of Doagh which as you have probably guessed, used to be an island. It’s now a small peninsula. The Doagh Famine Village is located beside it – a museum about the Great Famine.
  • Kinnagoe bay: You’ve guessed it, a beach. What can I say, Donegal has some of the countries best coastline.
  • Culdaff Beach
  • Glenevin waterfall: this waterfall in Clonmany is well worth a visit. From the car park, it is a short walk to the falls. The area was almost fully destroyed by bad weather in 2019? but it’s been restored.

Malin Head is for sure one of the must-visit places in Ireland. Not only because it is the most northerly point, but also for the outrageous views that the area boasts.


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