Monivea woods is a woodland right near the centre of Monivea village in Galway. There are various paths and trails to choose from making it a great place for a wander under tree cover. The trees also give great protection from the rain which is always handy when it comes to Irish weather!

Monivea Woods Map

Monivea Woods Walk – Trails in Monivea Woods – Monivea Woods Galway

You can make your way around the woods relatively quickly. In fact, in less than an hour without stopping.

There are many trails, but two main looped paths. One is 1.5km, the other is 1.3 km.

History of Monivea Woods

The land originally belonged to the O’Kelly Clan of Galway. They had a castle on the grounds which became Monivea House.

Robert Ffrench acquired the land in the 17th Century as part of his estate. He made big upgrades to the area and worked hard to improve the land itself. He also built up Monivea village.

Catherine Ffrench left the estate to the public on her death in 1938. She did not have much choice – as she didn’t produce an heir, it was law that when a homeowner died, the land would be given to locals – to break the English Feudal System. She left one condition –  that the woods be left as they are.

Or in her words

“on the condition that no parcel of these remains of my former estate shall ever be sold or the trees ever be cut down unless they fall to pieces”.

Sadly, her wishes were not honored. After her death, the land was broken up. First, it was reduced from 10,000 acres to just 1000. And then the majority of the woods were cut down today. The Monivea woods we see today is an incredibly small portion of what would have been. It makes me sad to think of her final wish for the land.

Members of the Ffrench family had some influence over the house house until the line died out. It is now managed by Coillte. You can see remains of the past in some parts of the woods. Specifically by the mausoleum and ice house.

Monivea Mausoleum

This gothic-style mausoleum holds the remains of Robert French and his daughter Catherine.

It is a building made of Wicklow granite, with beautiful stained glass windows.

While the building is locked, you can request a key in the village for a look inside. I’d love to see it. It contains a marble chapel and a full-size sculpture of Robert French.

How to find the Mausoleum in Monivea

When you enter the woods from the Rugby Pitch grounds, you are on a big dirt track. Follow this until you come to a crossroads at a road through the woods. Take a right and you can follow this road right to the mausoleum.

Monivea Ice House

The Icehouse can still be seen in the woods. This is where ice was stored and used to keep perishable food cold. It was essentially a fridge before electricity was invented.

Monivea Castle – Monivea House Galway

The house still stands today but is not within the woods themselves. It is just past the outskirts of the forest.

Cherry Laurel in Monivea

I actually came to know the woods through carrying out my thesis research there. We are all familiar with Cherry Laurel as most people have it around their gardens. What many people don’t know is that this plant is a non-native invasive species. Meaning, if left unchecked, it will spread and take over the land. This has been happening in Monivea Woods.

The original laurel hedge surrounded the Mauseluim and potentially other buildings of the Ffrench family. This has now begun to spread through the woods. This blocks the light and prevents other plants from growing in the area. This is probably boring to most but I find it quite interesting!

Final thoughts on the Woods in Monivea

This is a lovely walk if you have young children or dogs. It is short and is great with the Irish weather as the majority of the paths are under tree cover. It’s also interesting to learn the history and see the remains of the amenities in the woods.



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Galway Lockdown


I’m seeing the same question asked all over. In Facebook groups, forums and Instagram:

What is open in Galway? Well like everywhere else, the pandemic is still having effects on Galway City. With county travel permitted but unessential retail still closed the truth is, not much is open.

It was very eery walking through the streets on the Bank Holiday weekend. Which would normally see crowd of people milling through the streets. Looking forward to the end of Galway lockdown – for counties to open up and see people enjoying the city again.


We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to great scenery in Ireland. This island is fringed by a ribbon of incredible coastline, with world-famous beaches and dramatic sea cliffs. When you think of cliffs in Ireland, I’m sure it’s the Cliffs of Moher that you think of first. But the truth is, there are so many locations in the country to see captivating cliffs.  Here are some of the Best Cliffs in Ireland.

The Best Cliffs in Ireland

1. The Cliffs of Moher – The Most Famous Cliffs in Ireland

cliffs of moher, best cliffs in ireland, clare, ireland, wild atlantic way cliffs

I suppose we’ll start with the most famous cliffs in Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s second most visited attraction, but the most visited naturally occurring attraction. And for good reason.

Although they’re not the highest cliffs in Ireland, their dramatic sheer drop stretches 14 km along the coast, giving them the “wow” factor. It makes sense that these are the cliffs people flock to see.

It’s also a famous location for having a large puffin community – being one of the rare locations where populations are increasing across Europe.

How high are the Cliffs of Moher? 214 m

For further information on the Cliffs of Moher: Visiting the Cliffs of Moher Honest Guide | Do you have to pay to see the Cliffs of Moher?


5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Cliffs of Moher 

2. Slieve League Cliffs – Slieve League in Donegal

slieve league cliffs donegal

Slieve League takes the spot for the highest sea cliffs on the island of Ireland, at an impressive 601m above sea level. And even better, they are located in the Coolest Place on The Planet – (according to Lonely Planet)!

These cliffs stand at a whopping 601 m and extend far off into the distance. You can hike along the top, which has been made easier with stone paving slabs recently. Or, just enjoy the views from the viewing platform at Bulas Viewpoint.

For more about the Slieve League Cliffs: Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal | The Beautiful Slieve League Walk

While you’re up that far, you may as well check out some of the other wonders in Donegal: Best things to do in Donegal Ireland | The Ultimate Donegal Bucketlist 

3. Kerry Cliffs – The Cliffs of Kerry in Ireland – Ireland’s Best Cliffs

best cliffs in ireland, kerry cliffs

One spot which is not so well known is the Kerry CliffsThe Kerry Cliffs are along the Skellig Ring near Portmagee and are a lot quieter than the cliffs mentioned above. There is a large car park which is just 3 minute walk from the best viewpoint. There is a small fee to access the viewpoint – it was 4 euro per person when I visited.

From the viewpoint you can see the detailed strata in the cliff face, giving away the region’s geological history. The pictures don’t do this place justice as the cliffs are incredibly high and impressive here – at 305m high – higher than the Cliffs of Moher even.

The Cliffs are just opposite Puffin Island and the Skellig islands too. So for this small price not only do you experience the cliffs themselves, but get unique views of some of the amazing Kerry coastal views.

4. The Giants Causeway Coast – The Causeway Coast Cliffs in Antrim

giants causeway, causeway coast, antrim, northern ireland, travel

The Giants Causeway is the most well-known feature of the northern coast. But there are also spectacular basalt cliffs along the entire coast. Between Derry and Belfast, you’ll pass by mind-blowing cliff-top views, and there are numerous places you can walk along the cliffs to really experience these cliffs.

The Gobbins Cliff Path is a unique experience where you can walk the coastline on steel bridges hovering above the turbulent sea below.

The most memorable and rewarding walking route is between the Giants Causeway visitor centre and the carrick-a rede bridge location. This route is 16km long and will take up to 5 hours depending on fitness and amount of photo stops! And bonus – it starts and finishes at two of Northern Ireland’s top tourist attractions.

For visiting the Giants Causeway check out: Guide to Visiting the Giants Causeway

For Carrick-A-Rede: Your Guide to Visiting Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge 

5. Howth Cliff Walk in Dublin – Howth Cliff Path Loop – The Best Cliffs in Ireland

It may be true that the best cliffs in Ireland are along the western coastline. But when talking about the best cliffs in Ireland, there are also some great options in the East. The Howth Cliff Walk offers a couple of routes to choose from, but each bringing you along the impressive cliffs of the Howth Peninsula.

Starting at the charming village of Howth in Dublin, you can take the cliff path along the coast which shows views of Dublin Bay, Ireland’s Eye and Lambay Ireland.

6. Croaghan Sea Cliffs Achill Island – Things to do in Achill Island


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While Slieve League takes the spot for the highest cliffs on the island of Ireland, it is actually Achill Island that has the highest cliffs in the whole of Ireland. The Croaghan Sea Cliffs are a massive 687 meters above sea level.

While not as visited as the other cliffs in Ireland, you can hike this beast. Start from either

  • Car park near Corrymore Lake
  • Keem car park

7. Inishmore Sea Cliffs near Dún Aonghasa – The Aran Islands cliffs


Inishmore is the largest of the Aran Islands, and here you can experience vertigo-inducing vertical cliffs.  The cliffs are the backdrop to the very famous prehistoric stone fort Dun Aonghasa, which hangs on the edge of the sheer drop.

8. KilKee Cliff Walk in Co Clare – Cliffs in Ireland Other than the Cliffs of Moher

best cliffs in ireland, what are the famous cliffs in ireland, kilkee cliffs, clare, cliffs of moher

The Kilkee Cliffs in Clare were not on my radar at all. I came across them on a trip around Loop Head Peninsula and they blew me away.

There is no visitor centre, fees or busy queues. There are also no barriers. I could not believe how quiet it was considering the Cliffs of Moher are just an hours drive north.

Take the 5 Km Kilkee Cliff Walk or the 8 Km loop which will give you plenty of time to unwind and enjoy the salty breeze and fresh air. I highly recommend this loop.

The Best Cliffs in Ireland

So there we have the best cliffs in Ireland. Which is at the top of your list?



The Best Cliffs in Ireland:

  1. Cliffs of Moher Clare
  2. Slieve League Donegal
  3. Kerry Cliffs
  4. The Giants Causeway Antrim
  5. Howth Cliff Walk Dublin
  6. Croaghan Sea Cliffs – Achill
  7. Inishmore Island Sea Cliffs
  8. Kilkee Cliffs Clare

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Some Inspiring Travel Quotes for all those feeling wanderlust right now. These quotes are ones I have seen on Pinterest that really resonate with me, and I hope they motivate you too.


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