Is Donegal Part of Ireland or Uk

Where is Donegal? Is it part of Northern Ireland or is it part of the south (republic). While an Irish person might be disowned for asking such a question, I can see why this might be confusing to a tourist. Donegal is not part of the UK but a county of the Republic of Ireland.

Where exactly is Donegal? Where in Ireland is Donegal?

Donegal is a country along the northern coast of Ireland  – so I can see why some might assume it’s part of Northern Ireland. It’s the most North West county on the island of Ireland – however, it is most definitely part of the republic!

Donegal is actually touching Derry, which is part of the UK.

Is Donegal Part of Ireland or UK?

What counties in Ireland are part of the UK

Which 6 counties in Ireland are part of UK?

6 counties on the island of Ireland make up Northern Ireland:

  1. Derry
  2. Down
  3. Fermanagh
  4. Antrim
  5. Armagh
  6. Tyrone


Is Donegal Irish or Northern Irish? What nationality is Donegal?

Donegal is absolutely Irish. While those living in the county might forgive you for confusing the county as Northern, it would be better to remember this for your visit!

Is Donegal Part of Ulster?

Donegal is part of the Ulster province, including the northern counties. So again, I can see where the confusion lies.

Ulster is made up of:

  • Armagh (Northern Ireland)
  • Antrim (Northern Ireland)
  • Down (Northern Ireland)
  • Derry (Northern Ireland)
  • Tyrone (Northern Ireland)
  • Fermanagh (Northern Ireland)
  • Donegal (Republic)
  • Cavan (Republic)
  • Monaghan (Republic)urris hills donegal

Why is Donegal not part of Northern Ireland (why is Donegal not part of the UK)

When the lines were drawn for Northern Ireland there was one main thing in mind (keeping a protestant majority).  Keeping a protestant/unionist majority meant most of the people wanted to be part of the UK. It’s good to remember that mainly Catholics wanted to be independent from the UK.

The idea was, that by choosing areas with a Protestant majority, it would be easier to keep the land for the UK, with less protest. As Donegal was almost entirely Catholic, it was left outside the lines of Northern Ireland.

Donegal Population

The census of 2022 showed that Donegal has a population of 167,084 – and that the population was up 5% from the last census. It has a female majority (but only slightly) and the average person was 40 years old.

Is Donegal Catholic or Protestant?

In the 2022 census, 77% of people from Donegal were catholic (128,000), which had come down from 82% in 2016. Just to compare, 5469 people were Presbyterian (a Protestant denomination).

What are Donegal people called?

I’m not gonna lie to you, I had no idea what people from Donegal were called and had to do my own research. While I know what people from other counties are called “Dubs”, “Galwegians” “Longfordians”, I had never heard someone to refer to a person from Donegal.

While undertaking extensive research here is my favourite one:

People from Donegal are called . . . Legends!!

So to summarise, Donegal is 100% Irish and made up of a group of legends, there you have it!


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Showering is an essential part of the day for most of us. The thought of going a day or two without a shower can seem downright mad. But when you move over to a campervan, showering can get a little more difficult. Installing a proper shower can seem daunting and a lot of effort, but relying purely on campsites and external facilities for that warm evening … can seem just as impractical. Well, I have a microcampervan and I have dealt with the shower situation pretty well – on a budget and with as little effort as possible, because that’s just who I am!! So if you’re wondering about shower ideas for a campervan, I’ve got you covered. We’re going to go through all options, including all of the ones I have used myself!
(and yes, that is me in the feature image!!)

Gym Showers – How can I shower when doing van life?

I know a lot of people recommend gym showers. You can pay a once-off fee to enter the gym and use the shower – you might even get lucky with a steam room and sauna too! I have never used this option because in the countryside of Ireland, you won’t find any gyms, but it’s a great option for those van living in a city!

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