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Looking for overnight parking in Ireland for your campervan can be a bit of a stress. For me, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Firstly, I want to feel safe wherever I am parking for the night. Secondly, I want it to be affordable. Many of us want to do van life to travel more affordably, but paying for campsites every night will add up fast. Thirdly, what facilities are available? If I’m parking up for a few days, I want to know that I’ll have a toilet, and ideally a shower nearby. So yeah, Campervan overnight parking in Ireland can be a bit of a tough one, but I’ve worked out some ways to pick the best places.

Showering is an essential part of the day for most of us. The thought of going a day or two without a shower can seem downright mad. But when you move over to a campervan, showering can get a little more difficult. Installing a proper shower can seem daunting and a lot of effort, but relying purely on campsites and external facilities for that warm evening … can seem just as impractical. Well, I have a microcampervan and I have dealt with the shower situation pretty well – on a budget and with as little effort as possible, because that’s just who I am!! So if you’re wondering about shower ideas for a campervan, I’ve got you covered. We’re going to go through all options, including all of the ones I have used myself!
(and yes, that is me in the feature image!!)

Gym Showers – How can I shower when doing van life?

I know a lot of people recommend gym showers. You can pay a once-off fee to enter the gym and use the shower – you might even get lucky with a steam room and sauna too! I have never used this option because in the countryside of Ireland, you won’t find any gyms, but it’s a great option for those van living in a city!

Baby Wipe Shower –  Shower Ideas For Campervan

So many people opt for “baby wipe” showers. I am very against this idea – baby wipes are so wasteful and so unnecessary! If you have to go for this option, at least go for biodegradable wipes. Why not do this method but with a washcloth?! That way there is no waste!


What County are the Aran Islands In

The Aran Islands are 3 islands off the west coast of Ireland, and looking at a map, you might not be able to tell which county they belong to. Peering at a map, you’ll discover that they are off the coast of two Irish counties – Galway and Mayo. So which county do they belong to?

Are the Aran Islands in Clare or Galway?

What county are the Aran islands in – Galway

Ok let’s answer the big question. Which county are the Aran Islands in? While they are off the coast of Clare and Galway, they are part of county Galway.

It can be hard to tell which county they are from, especially seeing as Doolin Ferries in County Clare take people over and back but they are part of Galway.

What county are the Aran islands in map

what county are the aran islands in - galway

What is the closest town to the Aran Islands? 

It completely depends on which Island you are talking about but let’s take a look:

If you are talking about Inisheer, Doolin is by far the closest town. Inis Oirr (Inisheer) is only 8km from Doolin Pier while it is 48km from Galway City. I can completely understand why people think the islands are part of county Clare!

What are the 3 Aran Islands?

There are three Aran Islands:

  • Inishmore /  Inis Mór
  • Inishmaan / Inis Meáin
  • Inisheer / Inis Oírr

If you are wondering which Island you should visit – Which Aran Island to visit

Inis Mor is by far the most “touristy” and the most visited Island. When your ferry docks on the island, you’ll arrive into Kilronan, a village with pubs, restaurants and lots of little tourist shops. It is home to around 800 people but sees hundreds go on and off the island each day in the tourist season.

Inis Meain is said to be the least touristy of the three and more “traditional” in its values. One of the reasons for this is because it’s the least accessible.

Inis Oirr (Inisheer) is the smallest of the islands. In 2018 it was reported that 281 lived on the Island.

So in terms of which you visit, it depends on the experience you want to have. Inis Mor is a gorgeous Island with so many great activities – ruins, beaches, wild life observation points. However, with that comes a more “touristy” vibe. I do not think you will be disappointed by visiting any of the Islands.

While I’ve visited one so far (Inishmore) I’ve been told that Inis Mor is the

Are the Aran Islands Worth Visiting?

Honestly if you ask me, there are not many places in Ireland that are not worth visiting. The Aran Islands are absolutely worth a visit!

These three ruggedly beautiful islands—Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer— are like something from an old Irish movie. Because they are off the mainland, it seems like the traditions there have been more preserved than in the rest of Ireland.

Why wouldnt you want to visit?! Ancient stone forts perched on cliff edges, lush green landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see, and a sense of tranquility that appears you the moment you step foot off the ferry.

But perhaps the biggest draw of all is the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with nature in its purest form. With no cars allowed on the islands and a laid-back pace of life that’s worlds away from the mainland, the Aran Islands offer a welcome retreat from the daily grind. Whether you’re enjoying a fresh seafood dinner overlooking the Atlantic, admiring the breathtaking views from the top of Dun Aonghasa—the island’s most iconic fort—or simply peddling a bike along the windswept beaches, you’ll find yourself falling under the islands’ spell in no time. I actually have been considering moving over ever since my last visit!

My videos on the Aran Islands

Do they speak Irish on the Aran Islands?

Yes they do. As one of the few remaining Gaeltacht areas in Ireland, the Aran Islands proudly uphold the Irish language as an important part of their cultural heritage. Visitors will often hear locals conversing in Irish (as Gaeilge), so it gives visitors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Irish language. That being said, most people will also speak English so don’t worry about not being able to communicate with anyone while you are visiting!

Additionally, the islands host a Gaeltacht school each year, attracting young people from across the country to enhance their language skills and deepen their connection to Irish culture amidst the islands’ breathtaking scenery. Visiting the Gaeltacht each summer is a big part of the summer for a lot of Irish children.

What county are the Aran Islands in Ireland – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Aran Islands are in County Galway. And remember, a journey to the Aran Islands is not just a trip; it’s an unforgettable experience. I have been to Inis Mor twice now and I’m planning on going to the other two Islands soon.

From the rugged landscapes and ancient ruins to the friendly inhabitants and rich Gaelic traditions, the islands offer a glimpse into Ireland’s past. Whether you’re drawn by the car-free exploration, seeking peace in nature, or eager to immerse yourself in a culture steeped in history, the Aran Islands are one to visit.


The Cliffs of Moher are undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Ireland each year. In fact, 1.5 million people visit the cliffs each year. You know what one of the most-visited cities is? Galway. And thankfully, the two are close together. Have you found yourself searching “How long to drive from Galway to Cliffs of Moher”, I’ve got you covered, be it car or bus travel.

cliffs of moher, honest guide, clare, doolin, the burren, ireland

How Close are the Cliffs of Moher from Galway?

How far Cliffs of Moher to Galway

The distance from The Cliffs of Moher to Galway is actually not far. As the crow flies, the two locations are only 43.5km apart and by road, it’s 74.9km (46.5miles). But are you driving or taking a bus to the Cliffs? Because that’s going to make a difference. See below.

cliffs of moher to galway drive in a car or bus

How long to drive from Galway to Cliffs of Moher –  How do I get to Moher Cliffs from Galway?

The drive from Galway City to the Cliffs of Moher is about 1 hour 20 minutes. Bare in mind you may get stuck behind sheep traffic jams, tour buses or just general traffic on route. However if you have clear roads ahead, it will take no more than an hour and a half driving a car. Simply follow the N67 from Galway all the way to Lisdoonvarna for the quickest route, and follow the signs from there. What about driving by bus though?

What is the most scenic route from Galway to Cliffs of Moher?  – Galway to Cliffs of Moher by Car

cliffs of moher to galway drive in a car scenic drive

So I mentioned above that you can take the N67 straight from Galway to Lisdoonvarna. This is by sure the quickest way to the cliffs BUT, it may not be the most scenic! There is a gorgeous coastal drive you can take. Head out the N67 from the city until the village of Ballyvaughan. From there you’re going to take a right turn at the end of the village onto the R477 joining the R479 just before Doolin village. The cliffs of just a short drive from Doolin (11 minutes) on the R478. cliffs of moher, honest guide, clare, doolin, the burren, ireland

Bus from Galway to Cliffs of Moher

You would think the bus would take the same amount of time, but generally it’s a bit longer. With Bus Eireann (Ireland’s popular bus company) it takes 2 hours 12 minutes to get from Galway city to the Cliffs of Moher bus drop off by coach. There are regular buses between 8am and 6pm this time of year – around every 2-3 hours. See the full timetable here.  Be sure to change the route direction to see the return bus timetable!


Can you do Galway and Cliffs of Moher in one day?

If you’re on a time limit I would say yes you absolutely can explore the Cliffs of Moher and Galway City in one day. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Galway city is such a gorgeous place and I think it deserves a bit more of your time. Especially so you can get out into Connemara and see some of the gorgeous beaches and sites. However if you only have a day you can absolutely do the two.

For a quick stop off, you only need a couple of hours at the cliffs (again, I’d recommend more to enjoy the full experience). So I would recommend heading to the cliffs very early (just after opening time) to enjoy the location without the crowds. During the summer months, the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre opens at 9am while during off-peak times it opens at 9am. So head there for opening times, stay 2-3 hours and go straight to Galway City for a wonderful afternoon of city exploring.

Do you HAVE to pay and go to the Visitor Centre to see the cliffs? Nope – for more info click here! 


The Cliffs of Moher are undoubtedly Ireland’s most visited Cliffs, with 1.5 million visits per year. The only attraction visited more on the Emerald Isle is the Guinness Storehouse, which is probably due to it’s location in Dublin. The Cliffs of Moher are in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland – just outside the village of Doolin and not too far from Galway City.
Have you visited yet? You should! Here’s 5 reasons why.
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What are the Best Shoes for Ireland – What shoes to wear to Ireland

We in Ireland have pretty unpredictable weather conditions. There is the phrase “4 seasons in 1 day” that we see a lot. When you’re visiting any country, what you wear in your feet is super important, seeing as you spend a lot of your time walking on them! You want to be comfortable, and you want to be prepared for the weather. This is even more important in Ireland. Well lucky for you I’ve been walking Ireland my whole life and I know exactly what you need to wear!

Let me just start by saying, you can wear anything you want in Ireland, especially on your feed. Irish people do. I’ve noticed that many Irish people don’t dress for our climate. The downside is, they complain when they find themselves walking in soaking wet shoes or walking around on ice blocks. So the key is, to be logical with your footwear!

What type of shoe is best for everyday use?

What Shoes To Wear To Ireland

There are three types of shoes I think you should bring to Ireland:

  • Comfy walking shoes or runners (trainers/sneakers) – be it runners or hiking boots
  • Waterproof boots – because you know, it rains a lot!
  • Nice shoes – for meals etc

Or to put it another way you need:

  • Casual shoes (for daytime exploring)
  • Dressy shoes (for meals or nights out)

So if you’re looking for the best shoes for Ireland (men’s and womens) see the examples below.

Casual & Waterproof Shoes (doubles up as hiking boots):

shoes to wear in ireland, best shoes for ireland, waterproof shoes ireland

These are the Adidas Eastrail 2 W Ld99. Something like this is PERFECT for Ireland? Why? Firstly you guessed it, they’re waterproof. Secondly, they are hiking runners suitable for city life too. They will fulfill two purposes at once (exploring cities and your day trips to the Cliffs of Moher!) meaning you’ll take up less packing space with multiple shoe options.

Hiking boots for Ireland (waterproof)

waterproof hiking boots for ireland

I absolutely love KEEM Hiking boots. Honestly, the shoes above are enough but if you are going to be a doing a lot of hiking, maybe you’ll want to bring a separate pair. Personally, I love Keen boots – these are the ones I have and they are the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned and never had to break them in. They were perfection from the first wear.

Dressy / Fancy Shoes for Ireland

formal shoes for ireland

When it comes to fancy shoes for Ireland, certain Irish people get very dressed up (or my generation anyway – millennials!). People wear heels out and can get quite fancy etc but having a nice pair of healed boots is perfect – again, waterproof (see the theme here!).

What Shoes NOT To Wear To Ireland

what nOT to wear in ireland

While these runners look super comfy for walking they are just not the best option for Irish weather. They have a mesh design meaning you could be soaked in minutes.

Avoid anything like canvas shoes or ballet shoes. Why? Because even if you have a clear day, chances are it will rain at some point. And, if you’re walking around outside when it does, you’ll have wet feet for the rest of the day. Now I get some shoes like Converse are so popular no matter where you are, but again these just aren’t the most comfortable if you’re going to be out exploring Ireland and wracking up the steps. They’ll also get soaked in minutes in the rain.

Conclusion – What shoes to wear to Ireland?

Just to say again, you will see Irish people wearing “What NOT to wear in Ireland” everywhere. The thing is, people tend to dress for how they want to look or they dress by what the have. BUT I think these tips are for those who want to be prepared for the weather and have the most comfortable and enjoyable time while exploring everything this country has to offer!


Do I need waterproof boots for Ireland?

I would recommend yes. Be it waterproof walking shoes/hiking boots and a pair of nice boots for when you’re in cities. It never hurts to be prepared for the rain (which is unfortunately never far away!).

What should I wear on a trip to Ireland?

Wear clothing that is comfortable, and have a windproof or waterproof layer at the top.

Best waterproof walking shoes for Ireland

You don’t have to buy something extravegant just for your trip to Ireland. A lot of runners/sneakers/trainers are leather or
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