Galway has some amazing restaurants and cafes. Since moving back here, I have been on a mission to try em all! Admittedly it’s taking longer that one could have hoped (broke af), but I’ll get there! What I’ve discovered in the process, is that there are some really quirky and cool places to eat in Galway city. I have explored the cobbled streets seeking the best and most interesting places to eat. So, if you’re looking for a cool place to get some grub, here’s:

5 cool places to eat in Galway city


  1.  The Jungle Cafe – Enjoy the Wild Atmosphere

the Jungle cafe galway,

The Jungle cafe is a really funky place just off Eyre Square on Foster Street. It is a serious hidden gem tucked away in a narrow crevice in the normal city landscape.

You can’t help be drawn in by the vibrant colours and palm trees. Yes.. palm trees in Galway city. Once stepping over the threshold, you will feel like you’ve been transported to some tropical paradise.

All seating is outdoors, covered over with a perspex roof to protect you from the rain – you may be tricked into thinking you’ve landed in a tropical resort in South America, don’t forget, it’s the west of Ireland we’re talking about.

the jungle cafe, galway, city, ireland

They serve delicious organic food (breakfast & lunch), coffee and fresh juices. It is the only place in Galway I’ve ever seen an Acai bowl – the server even taught me to say it properly – it looks like ah-kai okay! Also, it is dog friendly and they even have their own resident bird. He twitters around the place and when I was there last, a group of tourists were amazed when he perched himself on the edge of their table to observe them.

the jungle cafe, galway, city, ireland

The Jungle Cafe is really fun and one of a kind – a really cool place to eat in Galway.

Hours: Open 7 days a week, check Facebook for opening hours.

Location – It can be found hidden away just off Eyre Square on Forster Street. Right around the corner from the train and bus stations.

2.  High Cafe – Delicious Moroccan Cuisine. 

I had been living in Galway years and had passed by the door of this place hundreds of times and never knew. Was recommended to go to the High Cafe a few weeks back and it is now one of my favourite places to go.

cool places to eat in galway, High cafe, moroccan

It was my first time trying authentic Moroccan food and not only is it delicious, but it is presented beautifully. The chicken couscous is unbelievable (also a veggie version) and I also tried some of the chicken tagine which was just as nice. In addition, the fresh pita bread is to-die-for, urgh it’s so warm and fluffy and fresh! It is mainly Moroccan cuisine, however there is something for everyone on the menu, with pizza and Indian dishes on there too.

The portion sizes are very generous so if you can’t finish it, there are recyclable takeaway boxes so you can continue enjoying that meal later! I love having my lunch there, and taking home leftovers for dinner. There is a two course special meal deal as well, don’t mind if I do.

The place is really warm and cosy and if you’re lucky enough, you will get window seats over looking high street. Oooh dinner and a view! This is  my go-to place to bring people to now. Such a cool place to eat in Galway city.

cool places to eat in galway, High cafe, moroccan

Hours: Open Monday to Sunday – 12 pm – 11 pm although I would recommend double checking this here.

Location – it is located on High street, which is a continuation of shop street  towards the Spanish arch.  It is so easy to miss the door as it is wedged between the rest of the bars and restaurants. It is just across from an Aran jumper shop.


3. The Chili Shack – tuck-in to Comforting Authentic American Goodness 

the chili shack, galway, cool places to eat

Originally set up as a festival food truck dedicated to bringing the taste of America to Ireland (congrats lads you’ve certainly done that!), I am so glad the Chili shack opened it’s doors in Galway (now Dublin too!). If you are looking for fast-food-but-better, this is the place to go.

It’s a really chilled and casual spot. The Chili Shack has also kept some of those festival food vibes.  For instance, the room is lined with long picnic benches and your meal comes in cardboard containers.

the chili shack, galway, cool places to eat in galway

The food is just divine – the perfect warm comforting food. It was my first time trying poutine and it is sooo good and is the only place I’ve seen it on a menu in Ireland. Although I’m not a big meat eater, if you are going for meat options, try the hot dog which comes with homemade mustard. For the non-meat eaters, there are veggie and vegans options too.

It is really good value, poutine is €5 need I say more?!  You can also pick up a loyalty card at the till. I am almost at my free meal and very excited about it.

My new favourite fast food.

the chili shack, galway, cool places to eat

Opening hours: open Monday – Saturday 12 pm – 10 pm. Sunday 12 pm – 9 pm. Always check hours to avoid being disappointed.

Location: Abbeygate street across from electric.

4. The Pie Maker – Delicious Pies to Make Your Mouth Water 

the pie maker, galway, city, ireland, restaurant

Ohhh you’re in for a real treat with this spot. It is such a quirky little place to eat in Galway.  As the name suggests, the only food on the menu is in the form of handmade pies – both sweet and savoury. High quality Irish meats, organic veg and the pies are made from organic spelt flour. Ohhh my mouth is watering.

It is quite dark and confined inside, but in the best way. There are old, almost church-like tables and benches. The walls are thee most beautiful shade of green and are also coated with maps and an array of random decorations. If you are looking for a warm, cosy, hearty meal, this is the place to go.

the pie maker, galway, city, ireland, restaurant

You’ll be lucky to get a window seat here but it’s great for people watching while you devour your pie. I have now been multiple times and have never been disappointed, neither has anyone else I have brought with me. There are only a couple of staff so it’s a good relaxed atmosphere which adds to the experience.

In addition, the portions are large (yussss!), there are local beers and the gravy is incredible. The Pie Maker is a  really unique experience – definitely one of the cooler places to eat in Galway. Have I convinced you to go yet?

the pie maker, galway, city, ireland, restaurant

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 am – 11 pm

Location: The door is on a corner, one side runs along high street the other on Kirwans lane.

5. Pizza & Pasta Napoli – Mmmmm Pizza

You will loveee this pizza! It is for sure the best pizza spot in Galway and is such good value. You get those huge New York slices, starting at €3 each – bargain. The place is tiny, and authentically Italian – both Italian owned and operated.

pizza pasta napoli

There are only a couple of seats inside but you’ll be luckier still to grab one of the tables outside. I don’t know what it is in Galway, it could be rain or snow but there will always be people sitting outside, soaking up the atmosphere.

The menu has a good range of pizza and pasta and the garlic olive oil on the tables is un-believable. It is open super late too. 12 am on weekdays and later on the weekends. Perfect for your dinner or your “after a rake’a pints” pizza.

Hours: As mentioned above, it does be open until all hours – see for yourself here.

Location: Pizza Pasta Napoli is on upper cross street just across from the Pie Maker actually.


Thanks for reading – to conclude 

Galway is such a vibrant exciting city and the fun doesn’t stop with the food. There are countless cool places to eat in Galway city but these are just some of my favourites. The weaving cobbled streets are filled with cafes and restaurants.  I hope you enjoyed these 5 cool places to eat in Galway and that you’re convinced to try out one or two on your trip to Galway. If you do, please please comment and let me know how you get on, would love to hear about your experience! Maybe you’ve tried a few already? Come on, let me know below!

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  1. Visiting Galway in the summer time with my family. Super excited to try that Pie place

    • Tinyboots Reply

      Yessss! The Pie Maker and High cafe are my absolute favourites. Actually it’s so hard to decide, they’re all great!

    • Tinyboots Reply

      You should, there are actually so many good places, I’m going to have to do more posts!

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