How Much Time is Needed for Harry Potter Studio Tour London

I visited the London Harry Potter Studio Tour at what I would say is the best time of year for it – Christmas. The Hogwarts Experience was decked out for the Christmas Season but as it’s the most wonderful time of year, my schedule in London was completely maxed out. As a result, I’d only given myself a certain amount of time for the Harry Potter Studio Tour experience in London. But was it enough? How much time is really needed for the Harry Potter Studio Tour?

*There are some spoiler images!!*

@tinyboots_travels Christmas in London Vlog 2 – HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR Such a magical day. 

Did I have enough time? How long did I spend?

So did I have enough time? Yes, and no! I left myself almost half a day for the experience. I honestly thought I’d only need around two hours. The official website advises three and a half hours for the tour which I thought was an exaggeration. In the end, my friend and I were there for five and a half hours. And we didn’t even do everything.

We got to the halfway point at the three-and-a-half-hour mark. So the amount of time you need depends on the sort of Harry Potter fan, and the type of “museum person” you are I would say.

Do you like to read every plaque and absorb every scrap of information you can? Do you want to check out every single display? Then I would say you definitely need longer than the three and a half hours advised.

Halfway around the tour there is a restaurant and an outdoor area with a bunch of the bigger props from the movie. You can see the Dursley house, the Night Bus, the Greenhouse from Hogwarts and the wooden bridge featured in several HP movies. The thing is, you have to queue to get inside all of these attractions which also bumps up your time. So if you want to experience every bit of Harry Potter goodness, I think 6 – 6 1/2 hours is needed.

When I was there I read most things, but I avoided some areas like the greenscreen area. Here, you can queue up to get images and videos in front of a greenscreen doing some iconic HP things such as riding a broomstick or a ride on the Hogwarts Express. All these little extra bits will really increase your time because there are queues.

Are There Rides at Harry Potter World London?

There aren’t rides exactly, but there are interactive displays and activities. As mentioned previously, you can hop on a broomstick in the greenscreen area. Outside the restaurant, you can also hop in the Weasleys Blue Ford Anglia for pictures. But there are no moving rides.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Closing Time?

As I mentioned, if you want to see and do and read absolutely everything, give yourself around 6 hours. But of course, the Studio Tour has to end sometime. What time is sometime?

The tour generally finishes at 8pm but be sure to check official times and plan your visit to suit. Check opening times too and try and get in early!

Best Time to Visit Harry Potter World London

Harry Potter Under Snow

If you’re wondering the best time to visit this “Harry Potter World” I can help you out. I would recommend getting an early slot, and ideally at Christmas time. Hear me out. When I visited at the start of December it was the “Harry Potter Under Snow” event. And the whole experience was decked out for the festivities:

  • The great hall is adorned with decorated Christmas trees
  • Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forrest will be dusted with snow
  • The Hogwarts Castle will be covered in snow

Now just to be clear – I am a hugeeeee Harry Potter book fan and have read the series 16+ times. However I’ve never been a movie-obsessed fan. That being said, when I saw the castle undersnow with the iconic HP music playing in the background, I felt really emotional and did shed a few tears upon leaving.

Seeing the experience at Christmas with the snow and decorations just makes it that bit magical if you ask me. So the best time? At Christmas, and a morning slot, to give yourself the most time possible.

Is Harry Potter Studio Tour in London worth it?

What Can You Do At Harry Potter World London

If you are any sort of Harry Potter fan, than it is 100% worth visiting. You see so many of the sets and props from the movies. You get so much interesting background information that you wouldn’t otherwise know. And honestly it is just the most heart-warming way to revisit a world that was so important to so many of us as children (and might still be important to you as an adult).


The Harry Potter Experience in London is such a great day out so be sure to leave yourself enough time. Be sure to give anywhere from 3 1/2 to 6 hours. Just leave the day free for it. You can thank me later!


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