The Diamond Hill Hike in Galway is a really popular attraction in Connemara National Park. The hill is part of the 12 Bens but standing on its own, will give you the best panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Don’t let the word hill fool you, I would for sure consider it a mountain, standing at 445 metres. BUT, paths and steps have been added to make it accessible to all. Whether the sun is shining or the clouds have rolled in its aa great thing to do. Perfect for those who love the outdoors, hiking or photography. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Valentia Island

Valentia Island is a small unspoiled island off the South West coast of Kerry, connected to the vibrant Portmagee on the mainland by a bridge. The Island has a small population of under 700 with only one main village – Knightstown. For a small Island you won’t be short of things to do though. There are so many great Valentia Island attractions, from stunning walks to unique fossil discoveries.

Galway has some amazing restaurants and cafes. Since moving back here, I have been on a mission to try em all! Admittedly it’s taking longer that one could have hoped (broke af), but I’ll get there! What I’ve discovered in the process, is that there are some really quirky and cool places to eat in Galway city. I have explored the cobbled streets seeking the best and most interesting places to eat. So, if you’re looking for a cool place to get some grub, here’s:

5 cool places to eat in Galway city

Why I didn’t buy new clothes for my Holiday

I didn’t buy any new clothes for my Holiday to Portugal this year. One evening a couple of years ago, Eoghan and I sat down and watched a documentary on Netflix – Minimalism, a documentary about important things. Although I have always been one that cares for the environment, something in this documentary really hit home.

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