Save the planet

I am hugely passionate about everyone taking steps to reduce the impact they have on the environment. I actually studied Earth Science in University – it’s a topic I’ve always had a lot of interest in. Below you will find all my posts with some tips and advice on ways we can all reduce the effect we have on the planet. I really hope you find something helpful.

My HONEST Menstrual Cup Experience – menstrual cup first impression

Plastic Free Shopping Tips

11 Tips to reduce Plastic Waste

11 Tips to reduce Food Waste

Reducing Waste Series – 9 Tips for Reducing Waste – Tinyboots

Why I didn’t buy new clothes for my Holiday, and why you don’t need to either.

Simple Tips to Use Less Electricity

The Filling Station – Galway’s First Eco Store – Reduce your plastic Waste

Galway Wind Way in Galway Wind Park | Walks in Galway




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