IT’S THE FIRST OF OCTOBER! That means it’s okay to start talking about Halloween now. I take Halloween very seriously. It is my favourite time of year (..maybe tied with Christmas) and it’s on during thee best season – Autumn. In the spirit of October, I’ve put together a list Halloween Activites for Adults. 

If you’re a big child inside and like any excuse to go all out for Halloween, this is the post for you. This includes fully embracing Autumn and doing things that get me in the mood for If you want to have a Halloween packed October, here are some Hallowen activities for adults to keep you going!

Halloween Activities for Adults 

1. Pumpkin Picking.

halloween activities pumpkin patch ireland

Pumpkin picking isn’t just an activity for kids. I’ve always been so jealous of how Americans take fall so seriously – going all out decorating their houses, make gross Halloween inspired food and have pumpkin patches where you can go choose your pumpkin.

Although Ireland is not in the same league, I’m delighted to see it’s starting to catch on. Ireland now has numerous pumpkin patches! Instead of just going to a supermarket and buying one, why not have the entire experience. Visit a pumpkin patch and choose the one you want. It will really get you in the Halloween spirit and it’s fuuun! 

Me and a friend went to Alright Pumpkin in Meath. Not only could you pick your pumpkin from the patch, they also sold their own homegrown potatoes and sweetcorn too. I guess it shows you’re an adult when you’re excited about that too!pumpkin picking activiti for autumn and october the tales of tinyboots

It’s all kitted out for kids too. They have a spooky maze through the corn field and pumpkin carving workshops but I was just excited about picking my own pumpkin. Pushing kids out of the way to get the best one!! (not really..)

You can check out Alright Pumpkin here.

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2. Carve your Pumpkin.

Dedicate an evening to carving it.  By that I mean, make a serious evening of it. Choose some Halloween movies and stick em on while you carve. Or, at least have a Halloween playlist on in the back round

Last year, me and Eoghan, carved pumpkins and watched Stranger Things. Could you get more Halloweeny than that?! We had a lot of fun. See our amazing pumpkins below. 

pumpkin carving halloween activities

3. Go to a Scare Event.

Something that makes me so happy, is knowing I’m not the only big child out there. They actually have Halloween scare attractions for adults. Why not organize for you and a group of friends to go scare the sh*t out of yourselves at a scare event?! I’ve been to Farmphobia two years in a row and loved it!

They put so much effort into these events. The props are insane and the costume and makeup is unreal. It doesn’t matter that you know it’s not actually dangerous, getting chased around by men with chainsaws is always petrifying!! Farmphobia has a range of different events (including walking through a creepy cornfield in the dark) and escape rooms.

halloween activities for adults, farmphobia
Photo credit: Farmphobia. Couldn’t recommend this place enough!

I find it more funny then scary but it’s still such a good night out with friends and it will really have you feeling the Halloween vibes! There’s so many other’s to choose from depending on where you live, here’s a few:

  1. Farmphobia – Meath
  2. Haunted Spooktacular – Meath
  3. The Nightmare Realm – Dublin + Cork
  4. The Halloween Train – Kildare ( I really want to do this!!)
  5. Carnevil – Galway
  6. The Asylum -Limerick

Could there be better Halloween Activities for Adults ?! 

4. Halloween Movie Nights

What’s better than a cosy night in with friends? A cosy night alone maybe!? Whichever way you prefer, make a list of your favourite Halloween movies, stock up on treats, ring in the takeaway and get the fluffy blankets out. I’ve already started my month-long Halloween movie marathon! Check off your list as you go. My favs to watch at Halloween are all the Tim Burton movies, although I think Paranorman is my all-time favourite!

halloween activities for adults

Although for my must-watch Halloween movies: Scream, Urban legend, House of Wax, Frankenstein, The Faculty,Sleepy Hallow, IT, Hangmans curse and Viktor Frankenstien. Just happens the majority of these are 90s movies. I love the oldies, 90s kids! 

You can go for the not-so-scary-classics like Hocus Pocus, or keep yourself up all night watching petrifying horrors. I love Sinister, The Conjuring and all the Paranormal Activity movies. Oh, and can’t leave out The Shining can we?!


5. Go somewhere creepy/haunted after dark

birr castle and gardens halloween activities

For all the real adrenaline junkies who want to absolutely petrify themselves, why not take it to the next level and test how fearless you really are. I guarantee, going to visit some ruins or a forest in the dark will have you feeling like you’ve just landed in a horror movie yourself!

However, if you do this, please take measures to ensure your safety and respect any property you enter.

Here’s a list of a few places in Ireland I’d recommend:

  • Any woods – Even if you visit it often, I promise you it will be scary experience in the dark
  • Fore abbey – Westmeath. There is a carpark and it’s open access. There’s different rooms but be careful because it’s multi-level.
  • Abbey Knockmoy – Galway. It’s located beside graveyard (even better!). There’s a car park and a short walk to the ruins. This is a great one, lots of rooms to explore, bring a backup flashlight!
  • Leap Castle – Tullamore. This is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland. It has restricted access though, by tour, but even that would be cool!
  • Our Ladies Asylum – Clare. Known as the “lunatic asylum” and you can walk straight in. I’ve seen lots of photos. Creepy as hell. I want to go myself.
  • Loughmoe Castle -Tipperary. It’s located on private farmland but apparently the farmer is used to and welcomes visitors. Just respect your surroundings!
  • Leamaneh Castle – Clare. Located on private farmland. Enter at your own risk.
  • Killua castle -Westmeath. Tour only.


6. Plan your Halloween Costume

This Halloween, why not go all out? It’s the only time of year it’s really okay to look bad-shit-crazy! I love scrolling through Pinterest to get makeup and costume ideas and Youtube has some amazing tutorials. Yeah you can go online and just buy one, but it’s cheaper and way more fun to do your own.

pinterest, halloween inspiration, makeup, costume, scary

I love anything with crazy makeup, but still a little sex appeal. Scary/sexy am I right ladies?! In the past I’ve done the Queen of Hearts, a crazy cave woman, an Evil Geisha, creepy clown and sugar skull to name a few. I’ve already decided my costume for the next two years, but I wont give them away yet. Why not let your creative juices flow, you’ve got an entire month to decide!

7. Go for an Autumn walk

Wrap up in your favourite wooly hat and scarf and get outside in the fresh air! Walk in your nearby park or woods and feel the change in the weather! Every year my friend asks “can we go on a walk where there’s orange leaves”, and we do. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year so it’s nice to spend time outside enjoying it.

birr castle and gardens halloween activities

I was in Birr castle and gardens this time last year and I’d really recommend it this time of year. It was like being in Autumnal heaven!! You can walk along a path coated in orange and purple leaves along side a beautiful river. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to be in the Autumn mood, but there’s so many places you could go for the same effect.

8. Attend Halloween/Autumn Festivals or Parades

macnas parade galway, macnas galway, halloween, halloween parade, galway city

Macnas Halloween Parade in Galway brings in 70,000 people a year. I was at the parade in 2019 and it was absolutely incredible! The show was mesmerising and the effort put into the costumer and props was insane. You will feel like you’ve been transported into another world. I could not recommend more.

Derry city put’s on a great show for Halloween, where the “otherworld” becomes real as day . I cannot wait to experience that. 

Get on google and check out nearby festivals on during October – Oktoberfest is the first one that comes to mind! mm beer.

9. Have a Halloween Party

As you get older, it’s nice to have excuses to hang out with your friends. It gets more difficult to make time for your pals, and near impossible to get everyone together at one time. So, why not make Halloween one of those times. Probably one of the best Halloween Activities for Adults. 

Go all out and decorate your house so lavishly that it would challenge Jack Skellington. You can do it without even breaking the bank – Euro giant always have great decorations and home-ware, just for Halloween! Make some delicious blood punch, slimy green vodka jelly and put together a creepy playlist.

Show off your Halloween costume that you spent the month getting ready and enjoy a night partying with your friends!

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I hope this “Halloween Activities for Adults” inspires you to embrace the month of October. I know I will be. I’ll be ticking the activities off myself, I will be doing every single one. If you liked this post, be sure to comment below with your costume ideas, I’d love to hear them! Also, let me know – What is your all-time favourite Halloween activity?? 

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