Last weekend me and Eoghan had a full day together!! When I say a full day, I mean from waking up until about 6 oclock when he had to make his way back to Donegal. This doesn’t happen a lot lately so we wanted to make the most of it. It had to be something not too far away so we didn’t spend half our day traveling. We decided t go to Sligo seeing as it was on Eoghan’s route home, and look at the views along the Gleniff Horseshoe.

Now I’d like ya to do me a favour before you keep reading. Open a new tab and google image search “Gleniff Horse Shoe Drive”. As you’ll see, its absolutely beautiful. A road around a valley overlooked by three mountains. So yeah.. that’s not what we saw at all! We didn’t really get to see anything. Have you seen the program the mist? Yeah, that’s pretty much what we got.

the tales of tinyboots, ireland , wild atlantic way, sligo
sligo, wild atlantic way, ireland
sligo wild atlantic way

We stopped at a ruin along the route. There’s so many pictures of it online with the beautiful views of the mountain behind. At this point I didn’t know that. I didn’t look it up before we went there.I literally had noooo idea that there was such a magical looking landscape just feet behind it!

In the end we didn’t stay long at all. There was no point really, we couldn’t see anything!

gleniff horse shoe, sligo, ireland

Driving back down again, the fog just cleared again out of nowhere. It went from only seeing feet in front of the car, to it being like there was never any fog at all!

Looking behind us, you could see the fog moving higher up the mountain. At a certain point everything just became engulfed in the cloud.

sligo, wild atlantic way, ireland

Afterward, we headed to Mullaghmore for a sunset that didn’t really happen! The cloud was too thick so we just got some pinkish smears across the sky. Haha that sounds disgusting, but it wasn’t! I walked over a bridge to get this picture of Eoghan on the cliff and then he drove away and left me there!


This was the remnants of sunset we got, when the cloud and fog finally started to move away from the mountains. It was enough for Eoghan to get his timelapse, so it was all good!

After, it was time to head on our separate ways once again. This will soon be a thing of the past though, because all going well, we’ll both be in Galway in the next couple of months, yay!

Sligo, Wild atlantic way, Ireland

I wasn’t actually disappointed that Gleniff horse shoe was hidden by mist. It was really cool to see it looking that way. Now it just means I get to go again, and can compare the two. Typically, the last time we were in Sligo it was in the middle of a heatwave. And the day we went it was cloudy and horrible as well. We went to the beach and Glencarr waterfall.

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