So we moved into our new houseeeeee. We got a place in Connemara and absolutely love it. We spent our first weekend unpacking, buying essentials and having a look around the area.


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Eoghan’s happy dance

We are living in Connemara, and a gaeltacht area. How cool is that? I’ve long forgotten all my Irish but I’m sure we’ll be grand haha. Saturday after work, Eoghan and me jumped in the car to have a drive around. Our first stop was Aughnanure Castle. As we were driving into the carpark I spotted to beautiful dogs at a house nearby. I was sooo bloody happy when they followed the car and came to greet us!!

The Castle was closed until Summer. It looked really cool and will definitely be going back when it’s open, so will have pictures soon. In the past we used to say “we’ll come back a different time” but never really get to cuz it’s so far. To have things like this on our doorstep and be able to go whenever we want is literally a dream come true!

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Afterwards, we drove around Connemara a bit. We ended up at a spot that seemed familiar and realised we’d driven the same road and stopped at the same spot this time last year!! We’d been driving from Longford to Westport – Via Galway. I actually did a post on it at the time, which you can see here!

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We ended up at the exact same cottage, although I think I prefer my shot this time ha.

connemara, galway, river, wilderness
connemara, galway, roadtrip, the tales of tinyboots, photography

I came across this bridge and went to cross it. Eoghan nearly lost his life! Told me I wasn’t allowed. Just like that time he got mad at me for walking off on my own when we were by the cliffs at Malin head! Always ruining my fun 😛

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Had a great weekend in our new place and looking forward to having loads more like it.

river and house

If you like these type of posts, you can see my other road trip posts on the blog here. I do a lot of similar posts on my stories on Instagram. I have a “Galway Move” highlight set up if you wana check it out! Soon we’ll be heading right to Connemara National park, can’t wait for that! Stay tuned for more pics,




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