How do daily affirmations work?

I tried out daily affirmations twice a day for a month to see how it changed my life. And spoiler, it did! How do daily affirmations work? Check out the video below!


How do daily affirmations work?

For me, I found that getting in the habit of doing positive daily affirmations really had an impact on my life. The main way that I found affirmations working was that they began to cut off any negative thoughts that came to mind.

Whenever a negative thought would come to the front of my thoughts – hundreds of times a day! – one of my affirmations would pop into my head essentially cutting the negative thought off and my mind would move on.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but it honestly saved me from spending a huge portion of my day focusing on negative thoughts. Definitely beneficial to overall mental health.

How long does it take positive affirmations to work?

For me, I honestly saw results within a few days. Very quickly I started nipping negative thoughts in the bud which had a huge impact on my day, my positive and whole outlook. I didn’t expect to see results as quickly as I did.

Do money affirmations work?

I think they do. Not in the sense that – boom – you’ll wake up rich from doing a money affirmation the night before. But in the sense that I realised what my work was worth. And I do think doing money affirmations would make you think twice about spending money on unnecessary shit too. I definitely think there are benefits.

I really enjoyed trying out daily positive affirmations as I decided to do positive affirmations morning and night for 30 days. Check out my video to see how I got on.


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