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The Yoga Picnic has just celebrated its third year. The festival is run by 3 incredibly inspiring women who aim to “showcase Ireland’s incredible yoga teachers and promote awareness about yogic philosophies, wellness, mental health, sustainability and the environment”. There have always been those of us who have had an interest in wellness and the outdoors. But the pandemic saw one good outcome, a spread of the passion for wellness and the outdoors. This has paved the way for festivals of this nature to thrive in Ireland. I was lucky enough to be invited along to experience the day, so let me tell you all about it! If you’re considering buying tickets for again, check out The Yoga Picnic Reviews I gathered.

Yoga Festival Ireland

Where is The Yoga Festival?

Since it started in 2022, the Yoga Festival has been held at Lilliput House in Westmeath and it is the most gorgeous place for a festival. I was surprised at just how big and spaced out the grounds was, with the beautiful backdrop of Lough Ennell.

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The Yoga Picnic Tickets

You buy tickets directly from The Yoga Picnic website and this year the early bird tickets sold out in just 9 minutes. What an incredible achievement for a festival in it’s third year.

What Kind of Events Can you Expect at the festival?

You might assume that it is a full day of yoga, and you wouldn’t be wrong, there are yoga events held all day for all different levels and types. This includes a tent jam-packed with mother and baby and pregnancy yoga. What I didn’t expect however, was the huge variety of events and talks on throughout the day.

You know a festival lineup is great when you are struggling to decide what to go to. When I screenshotted the schedule and circled the events I wanted to join, I was quickly disappointed. I had almost the entire schedule circled meaning I was going to have to miss quite a bit of what I wanted, but I think that is a mark of a good festival lineup – when there is nothing you want to miss!

During the day I took part in (Yoga Festival Events):

  • A poetry workshop
  • A journalling workshop
  • A sound bath
  • A nervous system reset
  • Yoga
  • & more

There were some great talks on throughout the day including those on sustainability and food fermentation which I also was hoping to get to. Time got away from me but I know these would have been so beneficial.

The Yoga Picnic Reviews

Now I absolutely loved it and will be returning next year but I don’t think it’s fair to trust just me. What about others? Here is some feedback I got from others at The Yoga Picnic:


The Yoga Picnic was such a a beautiful, wholesome & educational day – as a newbie yoga teacher it was so inspiring learning from so many different experienced and truly passionate yoga, meditation and spiritual teachers. The highlight of my day was taking part in Celest Pereira’s yoga class, her vibrant energy was contagious and the neurology tips that she integrated into the practice were so interesting 😍

Shelly’s Review – The Yoga Picnic Reviews:

Yesterday I went to the Yoga Picnic festival and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. As someone who isn’t particularly into yoga, I was pleasantly surprised by how much the festival had to offer beyond just yoga classes!

My favourite part of the day was the kirtan with Jenny and Mari Kennedy’s manifestation ritual. The energy at the festival was beautiful and I felt a deep connection with both myself and the wonderful humans around me.

I spent the day dancing, chanting, moving, and most importantly, connecting inward. The experience left my heart full and my mind relaxed. I highly recommend the Yoga Picnic festival to anyone looking for a day filled with positivity, connection, playfulness and rejuvenation ❤️


I loved the yoga picnic! It was a great day for wellness. From relaxing meditations, to dancing yoga to journaling workshops, the focus on self-improvement and relaxation


Such a wholesome day, definitely going again next year!!! Congrats to everyone involved!!

The Yoga Picnic – The perfect yoga festival

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday and while the weather didn’t play ball for the full day, it certainly didn’t dampen spirits. The vibes were high and the day was a complete success. Congrats to the organisers for such a great festival.



For full transparency, I was invited along to the festival as media but all opinions are my own. 



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