Does Ireland Have Uber? Do people use Uber in Ireland?

What is the best way to get around Ireland? Traveling Ireland can pose a bit of a challenge admittedly. As a girl born in the midlands of Ireland, I applied for my driving licence as soon as I could. Because without a car, getting around was going to be difficult, nearly impossible even. But of course, the cities are a little different. You have multiple modes of transport to choose from, especially in Dublin. You can opt for the Luas, the city bus system, taxis and more. But the big question is, Does Ireland Have Uber?

Does Ireland Have Uber App?

Is there Uber in Dublin Ireland?

Yes Ireland has the Uber App but it works a little differently than you might be used to.

People seem to love Uber because it provides an easy way to grab a ride with just a few taps on your phone. Generally, it’s cheaper than hailing an official taxi. But, Ireland (like multiple other European countries, has prohibited ride-sharing and you can only operate with an official taxi licence. This makes the Uber experience very different here.

You can use the app, but only to book an official taxi. There is no ride-sharing and essentially, no Uber.

Why is there no Uber in Ireland? Do people use Uber in Ireland?

It has to do with regulations put in place by the National Transport Authority (NTA). While Uber pushed to have the full service offered in Ireland, the NTA wouldn’t allow it. Their reason was that allowing private car-sharing would undermine the regulated taxi industry.

Is Uber Safe?

Just recently, in March 2024 the taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke to reporters and stated: “I have concerns around deregulation. First, it would mean drivers are not vetted or regulated, at least by a public authority, and would mean that the vehicles involved would not be checked by a public authority”.

It seems that Uber is persisting and trying to note that allowing the service would be a great solution to a shortage of taxis and how it could be a solution for disabled people who are struggling with transportation.

It may not be that surprising that Uber is not used in Ireland, with the majority of the public agreeing with the taoiseach. surveyed the subject in Ireland and found that 51% people said no to ride-sharing, 31% were unsure and just 19% would want this service.

Uber Ireland Prices

Just to be clear, Uber exists, just very differently. You can use the Uber App in Ireland to book an official taxi. Because of this, it won’t be any cheaper, because you will be charged the taxi’s fare.

What about Lyft?

For the same reason, LYFT is not in operation in Ireland, sorryyyyyy!
TAxi Ireland UBer

What does Ireland use instead of Uber? How to get around Dublin

Luckily for you, Dublin has plenty of other ways to get around, and it’s also a very walkable city. You can choose from public transport:
  • Luas
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Dart
and private transport like Taxis to get around.
For getting around Ireland, you can also make the most of the trains (Irish Rail) and buses (Bus Eireann, CityLink), and there are also private bus companies and some great tour companies should you wish to take a day trip from one of the major cities.
Of course, if you ask me, the best way to travel Ireland is by car. So check out car rental options too!

How to book a taxi in Ireland

You can book through the Uber app but Ireland’s primary app for booking a taxi is “Free Now“. I don’t want any confusion caused when exiting your taxi, but they definitely aren’t free. The name is all about “freedom” and how booking a taxi can give you more freedom. It most certainly does not mean that you’ll be saving money when you book with the app, although I wish it did!


So Uber does exist in Ireland, but in reality it doesn’t operate. The app just allows you to book a standard taxi. However, Uber is still putting up a fight. In June 2022 the Taoiseach said he was interested in having the system disregulated to allow services like Uber to be present in the country however just recently in March 2024 he took the opposite approach, mentioning that he is against the idea.


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