Midway through January, we were off on a longer road trip. It had been months since we’d gone away for longer  than a day, so with a couple of days to spare, we thought what better time. We were initially meant to go to Cork, but because of a few hiccups, car troubles and such, we were late leaving and headed for Galway instead.


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We got to Galway just as it was getting dark and we went into the city for dinner. It was really late and a lot of places were closed so we trudged around in the rain (why is it always raining in Galway?!) looking for somewhere and ended up in a great Italian place on Eglington street called Osteria Italiana Da Simone. It was sooooo good and the woman working there was absolutely lovely, made our visit.

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We stayed in the Nox hotel on Headford road. It was really affordable and its such a nice, contemporary looking hotel.



The next morning we continued on to Westport, going through Connemara to get there. We stuck to the Wild Atlantic Way route and then split off to drive through the Connemara National Park. I was so excited, never been to Connemara before. When I told my da we were going to Connemara, his response was “why would you go there, there’s nothing”, but I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It is quite desolate but I think that’s all part of its beauty. Quiet and peaceful and the landscape is untouched for the most part. The day had its showers but when there was clear spells we’d hop out of the car for some photo taking.


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These are literally my favourite types of days. Just driving aimlessly around talking shit  and laughing. Stopping whenever we feel like it. I wish I could remember the names of all the places we were but sadly I’m no good at Irish so none of the names stuck with me. I’ll just share loads of pictures, they speak for themselves.

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connemara , galway, rain, mountains

What I do remember is that I had thee most beautiful cod and chips I’ve ever tasted in Clifden! It was in the station house restaurant and we got to sit in a booth! I’d go back just to have it again.

eoghan, galway, the tales of tinyboots, lake , mountain

eoghan, galway, the tales of tinyboots, lake , mountain

I don’t know what it is about sheep. Whenever we go somewhere and come across sheep, we have to stop and try and get photos of them haha. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time sneaking around after them trying to get the perfect shot, although I never quite manage it! We came across this bunch on some hills and I got to work. I managed to get a few of them looking before they scampered off. When we were driving off afterwards, a stunning Collie ran up alongside the car, although she was very wary. I think she was checking we hadn’t harmed any of her herd.

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The most photogenic dog you will ever see!!!

sheep, connemara, galway, irelandsheep, connemara, ireland, galway

And yes, we came across another log pile, you know what that means..


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When we got to Westport, we went straight to the Mill Times Hotel. Once again got a great last minute deal andddd, there was a bath!! My absolute favourite part of staying away, is if there’s a bath we get in and stay there until we’re wrinkled up like prunes! It’s always a great reward to the end of a successful day. That day, Eoghan decided to make rogue waves ….. as every twenty six year old does in the bath.. and made a mess of the floor. Such a child haha.

We woke to hail and snow the next day and had a quick wander around the town. I discovered I had a hole in one of my converse and every time I stepped, water and slush oozed in, so after much complaining (don’t know actually know how he listens to me) we got back in the car and headed for home.

On the way we stopped at Croagh Patrick. With health anxiety, getting my heart racing is a huge fear of mine. As a result I’ve missed numerous trips to climb Croagh Patrick with my friends and family. We just went for a look, but in the end I made myself climb a bit, like a little bit, probably doesn’t even count, but I was so proud of myself! You have to be happy with the little things!

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As we turned to go back down, we could see the clouds coming in and rain washing over the bay. Out of nowhere hail stones started beating down, like really beating (they were really sore!!). We ran to the car and headed for home.

I’ve put together a short video with clips I took along our trip:


Me and Eoghan have recently moved to Galway. It turns out we are just around the corner from these locations and took a trip out to see after moving in. If you’d like to see it, click here. So weird to see the same places again a year later, and to know we live so close now.

For more posts like this, check out my travel section of the blog here. I post a lot more often on instagram as well, if you want to check that out.




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