Another weekend in Galway with Eoghan. He didn’t get to stay for long so we didn’t do much. We diidddddddd put down a deposit on a place in Moycullen though!! And ate lots of food. Just gonna share these few photos, just cuz I want to!


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So, when me and Eoghan go for breakfast, I always get a fry. Eoghan always gets pancakes. It’s funny because the server always assumes the pancakes are mine. This time when Eoghan asked for a full Irish, I panicked and asked for the pancakes. Why? I don’t know!! They looked pretty but eating sweet things for breakfast just shouldn’t be allowed. When Eoghan’s plate arrived and my gaze fell on the white pudding and fried eggs, I was devastated. He did share a little with me though, cuz he’s a goodie. Well probably because he didn’t want to listen me to complaining while drooling over his plate..

the tales of tinyboots, portrait, galway, 56 central
“where’s all my white pudding gone?”
56 central, galway, the tales of tinyboots

“mmm white pudding”

We ate in 56 central above shop street. Love that place. Their breakfast menu is sooo good. Food is my favourite thing in life so getting the right choice of restaurant is very important for my mood for the rest of the day haha.

56 central galway, me, the tales of tinyboots, galway

It was with our tummies full we went to view our new Galway home! Absolutely love the place and back out in the country a bit. Yay.

the tales of tinyboots, lifestyle, galway, portrait

Was a short and sweet visit, but have our move-in date in a weeks time to keep me going 😀 We’re also heading on a trip to Edinburgh veryyyy soon. Should have a load of posts from that to come as well. Stay tuned!


I’ll have more posts on our Galway move up soon, they’ll be here on the blog. I also do stories regularly on my Instagram, showing what I’m getting upto.

I’ve just started my photography facebook page as well. If you’re interested in seeing my portrait work, have a look there, it would be much appreciated 🙂



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