Another weekend meant another drive to Donegal. Although an unpleasent panic attack set in during the journey up, I shook off the ripples of anxiety that always follow, and got on with my weekend.

culdaff beach donegal

Saturday morning Eoghan and I hopped in the car, but didn’t stay in it long. We came across two beautiful ponies down by Culdaff beach. In the last month, I’ve discovered my favourite thing to feel ha, if that is actually a thing?! I’ve realised horses and donkeys muzzles are the softest things I’ve ever known, like stroking velvet. I have patted three donkeys and two horses this month and I am keen to pat more! I realise this sounds beyond weird..

culdaff beach donegal, chesnut pony horse

We pulled ourselves away and continued on our journey, ending up at Carrickabraghy Castle.

Carrickabraghy castle , donegal

carrickabraghy castle donegal ocean coastline ireland
Trying to keep my eyes open in the overcast light and not doing very well!

carrickabraghy castle donegal

carrickabraghy castle donegal As usual, the photos of me are by Eoghan.

The castle stands on top of the rocky outcrop on Doagh Island. If I’m honest I’d never heard of it but It was so beautiful there. I scrabbled over the rocks while Eoghan waited over by the car.

carrickabraghy castle donegal ocean beach

I didn’t fall and break my neck but did end up dropping my phone a couple more times. The screen is barely readable now but I didn’t mind because being by the ocean again made me so happy. Don’t sweat over the little things!

rocky outcrop, carricknabroghy castle donegal ireland

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It sounds weird but being in the midlands, you’re used to flat ground, green grass and grey skies. Standing there on the rocky edge of the island, gazing out at Glashedy Island in the middle of a sea of blue was so calming. What I wouldn’t do, to live by the sea.

glashedy island carrickabraghy castle donegal ireland ocean island

When I thought I’d kept him waiting enough, I made my way back to the car.

mini cooper s donegal ireland

His mini is the only thing that makes him smile this big. Not me sadly..!

carrickabraghy castle doagh island donegal

Afterwards, Eoghan showed me Doagh beach.

doagh beach donegal ireland

doagh beachWe climbed up onto a hill which overlooked it. It doesn’t look it in the pictures, but we were so high up and as usual, Eoghan kept getting mad at me for running around in case I fell off! Whenever we are somewhere even remotely dangerous, he takes on this protective, serious persona which although very annoying, I actually quite like! You think he’d realise I can’t be tamed though, I guess my wild and free side unsettles him…!

doagh beach island donegal ireland travel doagh island beach donegal ireland

For once I’d forgotten about my tummy and we realised how long it had been since breakfast. We had a delicious lunch in Oscars in Buncrana. There was no option after that but to nap and have a chill night together. My favourite really.

It was a bittersweet weekend. After a a nice time, we discussed the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Six months in and it just doesn’t seem to get any easier. For me anyway.


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