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A couple of weeks ago, Eoghan and I were lucky enough to return to “Killarney Glamping at the Grove” for the second time. We went for 2 nights and were absolutely delighted to be upgraded to the “Luxury Lodges”. Glamping in Killarney is a unique and relaxing couple’s experience in Kerry, and if you need some proof, keep reading.

Also, if you want to take a better look at the original romantic glamping suites, check out my review of our previous stay: Glamping at the Grove Killarney.

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


Messing round with light trails because, why not!

So, What is Glamping!?

Glamping is simply “Glamorous Camping”.  While actually dating back hundreds of years, Glamping is a relatively new experience in Ireland. But it has really become popular in the last few years for those who are just not into full-on camping.

Glamping makes traditional camping a lot easier and without the hassle of having to stress over putting up a tent. You won’t have to sleep on the ground or wake up shivering in your sleeping bag in the morning. You will be able to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of nature nature, while sleeping in a luxurious soft double bed. Win-Win!  I think I have literally had the best sleep of my life while glamping.

Why has glamping grown in popularity?

There are so many reasons why glamping has grown in popularity all over the world. But in Ireland alone there is one stand out reason. The weather.


The Irish weather does not make camping the most ideal experience. Even in the summer there can be a chill in the air. Glamping is a great alternative for those who love the outdoors – hiking, cycling – but want a more comfy and warmer experience!


It really became trendy after some festivals started offering limited glamping campgrounds. Camping just doesn’t suit everyone and offering this opportunity really started a love of glamping. When I was a teenager I loved a good festival, but in my mid-twenties, the thoughts of roughing it in a tent for four days just isn’t as exciting as it once was. The opportunity to go to a festival and do glamping has opened up festivals to me all over again.


For those who have families, children might love it, but it can be pretty awkward trying to feed, clean and look after your family without electricity and warm water. Glamping has completely changed this.

The different Lodges in Killarney Glamping

The Original Lodges – Glamping in Killarney

We really enjoyed our stay in the last lodges, so much so, that when I saw the Luxury ones I thought, they could hardly top the original glamping suites. The original suites consist of a tent with bed, beautiful shabby chic furniture and a cosy gas heater. There is a toilet through a door and the kitchen is just to the side of the tent in your own private hut. The shower is also just to the side.

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


I posted a similar picture on my Instagram, check it out!

Luxury Lodges – Killarney Glamping

Now, I still would never pass up the chance to stay in those, but I was so impressed by the luxury suites. Luxury really is the priority here. When you arrive and open the double doors to your suite, the first thing you see is the large king-size bed. I have to tell you now – it is thee most comfy bed you’ll ever sleep in. I had the best sleep OF. MY. LIFE. I could keep going on about it but we’ll continue on wards!

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travelKillarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel

These suites have central heating and a beautiful wooden kitchen with a fridge, induction hob and a breakfast bar. It was amazing and is my absolute kitchen goals. It was great to be able to go to the supermarket and get all that we needed for our stay due to the great kitchen facilities. Whether you’re traveling on a budget or prefer healthy home-cooked food, this kitchen is perfect.

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


As well as the toilet. the shower is inside this suite. Initially, I didn’t think having the shower inside would make much difference to me. I didn’t mind walking a few meters to the shower. Now though, I realise how wrong I was! Firstly, the other guests didn’t have to see me scuttling across the grounds in my towel this time. But, it was so nice to be able to roll out of bed and not have to go out in the rain, or cold to get to the shower- cuz chances are in Ireland it’s going to be one of the two, if not both!

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


All in all the lodges are amazing. They come with their own board games and funky lights outside. You also have a heat lamp and deck chairs to sit out in the evenings. The only thing I missed was the gas fire. I am a cold creature. Although it didn’t bother Eoghan at all, I found that the central heating just didn’t heat up quite as much as the gas heater. This didn’t affect our stay in a big way. The gas heater was just more cosy and increased (if possible) the romantic vibes.

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel


For our stay this time, we made the most of the fire pit. We didn’t get a chance to use last time. Eoghan went mad and lit a massive fire. Through the wind decided to blow in whatever direction we stood, it was great. To be sat outside with a few beers and a roaring fire beside us, with the sounds of the trees and river beside – sure ya can’t get much better!

Killarney glamping, killarney, Kerry, ireland, travel, ross castle

FAQ for Glamping in Killarney

Do the glamping suites have toilets?

Yes. Both the original suites and luxury suites have toilets. However in the normal romantic glamping suites, your toilet will be in the back of the suite through a little door. This part of the suite won’t be as warm as the rest of the tent. The shower however will be separate and in a little wooden shed to the side of the tents.

In the luxury glamping suites, you will have a full tiled bathroom in your suite with a shower and radiators. It is so good to have this right in your suite.

What should I bring glamping?

The great thing is you won’t need to bring much more than if you were staying in a hotel. However, if you enjoy cooking there will be cooking facilities so you can bring whatever food you want to have.

The luxury suite has a fridge and all normal cooking facilities so you can bring milk and cook full meals there.

If you don’t like cooking, no worries, Killarney town is 5 minutes drive away 🙂

There is heating in the suites, blankets and even hot water bottles, so you don’t need to worry about being cold.


Killarney glamping truly is a unique and relaxing experience. Both times we have not wanted to leave. The suites have everything you need for a more-than-comfortable stay and the great kitchen facilities, means you can make the most of staying there rather than having to go out for food. It is the perfect base for outdoorsy couples wanting to explore Killarney and the rest of Kerry. We were able to see the National Park, the Gap of Dunloe, some of the ring of Kerry, and all the way out to Valentia island. We also got to stop off at Dingle on our way home. We’ve been twice and would definitely go again.

Killarney and Kerry are on my list of 5 top places you need to visit in Ireland, so why not do some glamping while you’re there!


If you want to compare to the other lodges, go read my post from our last stay. If you would like to stay yourself, click here*.



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