On Christmas morning I opened a letter from Eoghan saying we were going glamping in Killarney. I have literally been been plaguing him ever since, “when are we going to Killarney?”. Last weekend, it was finally time. Although I waited over half a year, it was so worth the wait.

Because of Eoghan’s ..relaxed nature.., all summer weekends were already booked when he got around to it. It actually worked out better that way though. We went Sunday-Tuesday, meaning I got to spend an extra two days with him then normal. Not only that, he surprised me by coming down on Friday night, rather than Saturday morning. I like surprises 🙂

The trip

Our trip absolutely flew. I hate that. Why is it, that time actually does fly when you’re having fun? When we got there Sunday we had a delicious meal and then the most amazing thing ever happened. I wanted chocolate gateaux and profiteroles for dessert. Eoghan wanted chocolate gateaux and profiteroles for desert. It was fate. We got one each and shared. It was heavenly.

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Day 1.

After checking into our yurt – yes, our yurt!!- we spent some time being amazed by our magical home for the next two days. We then took a drive to Muckross house.

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Then, the Gap of Dunloe.

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The Gap of Dunloe

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. One that I’m not so proud of. I’ve driven through the Gap of Dunloe before. Me and my friends took a trip to Killarney two years ago. As I was driving through, none of us knew what the Gap of Dunloe was, was it a gap in the road between two rocks? As stupid as it sounds, we drove the whole way through and were out the other side, only realizing when we saw a sign for it pointing back the way we came. We didn’t get it.  It wasn’t until Eoghan told me that the gap is a mountain pass, between the MacGillycuddy Reeks and Purple Mountain that I realised my absolute stupidity. It is huge, not just one small point. I felt brainless and I’m glad to say, this time as we drove through, I knew exactly what the gap was haha. 

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Although it was beautiful the last time, it was even more so this time. Probably because I wasn’t waiting for this famous gap to appear the entire time!

Night no.1

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For our first night, it was game boards on the deck of the yurt. Sitting, protected from the dark and cold underneath the heated light was perfect. I appreciate every minute of the limited time we get to spend together. Chilling there with beer and lemon tea listening to the river and the trees blowing, while laughing to Eoghan my card was actually Ross (we were playing guess who, I won) is something I wish I could do every night.

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Day 2.

Waking up the next morning to the sounds of the outdoors, and curled up warm in bed, there was nowhere on earth I’d rather be. We had our breakfast – I cook, Eoghan cleans up – and hopped in the car for a big day of sight seeing.

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Torc waterfall

Torc waterfall was the first stop. It was mobbed. A light drizzle came and everyone cleared. It was great, we had the place to ourselves for a couple of minutes. I had to be very limited with my camera. Despite my own blog post on stress free road tripping, I was the most unorganised person for that trip. I somehow forgot my extra battery and charger. My camera only had one bar left so sadly, I didn’t get to take many pictures.

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These photos of me were taken by Eoghan

On the ring of Kerry, disaster struck. We stopped in the beautiful town of Kenmare for lunch. I’d decided to treat myself to whatever took my fancy. It was carbonara drenched in cheese that took my fancy. What was I thinking. As we walked around the friendly town, the familiar exhaustion started creeping in. By the time we were back in the car, I couldn’t stay awake. Unfightable fatigue, heartburn, bloated like a balloon. Stomach problems and travel just don’t go hand in hand. For the next while, I was in and out of sleep and a grumpy mess. I’m sad to say it definitely put a dampener on the day and meant Eoghan had to do some exploring on his own. What I hate most about my stomach problems is, not only does it effect my life, but his too.Thankfully, after some time, I felt much better and we could go back to doing what we love most.

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We stopped at a few points and drove by Carrauntoohil

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Taken by Eoghan

Then it was back to the tent for some chill time.

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Night no.2

For our last night we had an unreal game of scrabble and then we went to bed. It doesn’t sound all that exciting but I can assure you it was! We packed up the next morning and I did not want to go. Out of all the hotels and places we’ve ever stayed, this was by far my favourite. I wish we’d had a week! All I can say is, we’ll be back. Killarney is for sure, one of my favourite places in Ireland.

I have so many pictures! Here’s one final collage of Eoghan being the big child he is, while I’m trying to take my Instagram pictures haha.

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