A complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs – Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs

When you think of cliffs in Ireland, I’m pretty sure I know what comes to your mind. The Cliffs of Moher in Clare firstly, and maybe the Slieve Leauge Cliffs in Donegal as a second thought. But not many people think of the Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known as – “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs”. In reality, they are spectacular. Higher than the famous Cliffs of Moher and very striking to look at with a beautiful banding through the rock face. Definitely another must-visit place in Ireland – and definitely a must-visit in County Kerry! If you want to know more about this spot, here is your complete guide to the Kerry Cliffs!


Where are the Kerry Cliffs? Kerry Cliff Experience

Kerry Cliff Map

The Kerry Cliffs or as they are also known (it is literally at the sign outside) “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs” are along the Skellig Ring in County Kerry, just south of Portmagee. It is an official Wild Atlantic Way Point!

For reference, the cliffs are:

  • about a 6-minute drive (2.5km) from Portmagee. | The Kerry Cliffs to Portmagee
  • about 1 hour 25-minute drive (79.5km) from Killarney. | The Kerry Cliffs to Killarney
  • 1 hour 50 minutes (110.2km) from Dingle. | The Kerry Cliffs to Dingle

Kerry Cliffs Height – How high are the Kerry Cliffs?

best cliffs in ireland, kerry cliffs

The images of the Kerry Cliffs really don’t show off their incredible height. The Kerry Cliffs are an impressive 300 metres above the sea (1000 feet).

The Kerry Cliffs VS The Cliffs of Moher – Height Difference

Just to compare to the good aul Cliffs of Moher (we have to don’t we?!) – they are 214 metres or 700 feet. So while they are hands down one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, the Kerry Cliffs are in fact, much taller.

I have been at the cliffs a few times and when I look at images afterward, the images just don’t do the height justice. For reference, in this image, the arrow is pointing to people, which you can barely see as they disappear next to these soaring cliffs.

The Kerry Cliff Experience  – FAQS

Who owns the Kerry Cliffs

It is a family-run business by the O’Donoghue family from Portmagee.  Although the Cliffs have been a place of interest for a long time, it is only in recent years that the family developed the site with a walkway to the Cliffs, where safety is a priority.

On Arrival – Is there parking for the Kerry Cliffs.

Once you pull in off the street you’ll find yourself in a large gravel car park. You can park wherever and the parking itself is free.

Do you have to pay to see the Kerry Cliffs? How much is the Kerry Cliffs

Yes, there is a small ticket box between the car park and the cliffs and it is very reasonable at 5 euros per person. You receive a cute little “Kerry Cliffs” laminated ticket which you can keep as a souvenir – I still have my first ticket from years ago!

Are there facilities at the location?

Yes! It is a really great spot, there are men’s and women’s toilets just beside the car park. There is also a cute little cafe that was built in an old train carriage and if you don’t want to sit out on the benches (it can be REALLY windy), there is a double-decker bus that has been converted into a little seating area. It is really cute!

There is also a campsite! Just Google Kerry Cliff Camping for details or check out https://kerrycliffs.ie/

The Kerry Cliffs in Ireland, Kerry's Most Spectacular cliffs

My Experience

I absolutely love visiting this place. I think it is absolutely worth the entry fee for the two fantastic viewing points which look out onto Skellig Michael and Puffin Island as well as having a place to stop and eat lunch and use the bathroom. To make it a bit cheaper, the last time I brought a packed lunch and just had a mini picnic in the car!

As with all attractions in Ireland, you really do have to be prepared for all weather! I recommend wearing a windproof jacket and a hat because the wind here is always crazy! I visited recently and the wind was so bad, I struggled to walk to the viewpoint. I was fighting the wind the entire way and had to eventually use the barrier to pull myself up the hill!!

I have been twice and will likely go again just to admire the views. You can see puffins at the right time of year too so I’m determined to catch a peek at some point!

While this attraction is not on the Ring of Kerry, it is definitely worth veering off to see the views on the Skellig Ring. It is stunning and just one of the reasons why Kerry is my joint favourite county – along with Donegal of course!

Will you visit?

Or have you been already? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments! Be sure to check out all of the Best Cliffs in Ireland on your trip!


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  1. Hello, i do tours from cork city, and i’m planning rent a bus and make to the rings of kerry and i’d like to stop in the cliffs of kerry, do you think a 50 seater bus can access or must be a smaller one?

    • Tinyboots Reply

      I do think this would be ok. The car park is massive and accommodates for tours but to be sure, I’d recommend contacting Kerry Cliffs directly

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