Glamping at the Grove Killarney aims to provide couples with a unique, romantic holiday; placing a huge significance on privacy and comfort. It’s couples only and located just outside Killarney in Co.Kerry.

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Update: Since this post, we were lucky enough to visit Killarney Glamping again and be upgrated to the luxury suites. For a review/ more information on that, please see Luxury Lodges Experience with Killarney Glamping at the Grove.

I was lucky enough to have Eoghan bring me for a two night stay last weekend. Have to completely agree with their mission statement. We had the most amazing weekend. The place is so peaceful and really is private. Without sounding stupid, you feel much closer to nature, but with all the same comforts as if you were staying at a hotel. I really liked that it was couples only. Normally a strictly no PDA person, it was nice to feel like we could be ourselves there without judging eyes!

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First opinions

When we walked through the wooden gate, I wasn’t prepared for just how magical the yurts were going to look. They just looked beautiful lined up in the meadow. I was really surprised by how big they looked. When we got to ours and looked in, it was so spacious and open inside.

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The decor was just beautiful, and as Eoghan put it, so me. It had a real shabby chic vibe with mismatched furniture. There was a gorgeous dresser with chipped paint and metal flower handles. Love. There was candle lanterns dotted around the place which added to the romantic vibe, although sadly our candles were burned out. Really liked that they had a natural fiber carpet too, though I did get carpet burn on my legs at one point – don’t ask!

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The patio outside was lovely, with a table and chairs. Sitting out there was so nice, and was lit up perfectly, by lights running along the suite’s outer frame.

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I didn’t know what to expect beforehand, having never been glamping before. But, am glad to say, at the grove, they had thought of everything you could ever need. My first worry was a bathroom. A door to the right of the bed led to our own little toilet and sink, which I was very happy about! Just to the side of our yurt was a shower, and have to say I had the best shower there the following morning. We also had our own kitchen to the side with a BBQ, kettle, cooker and cooler as well as other little bits you might need. It was all sheltered, so sitting there in the morning eating breakfast outside completely safe from the drizzle, was awesome.

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Having zero tolerance to the cold, I was worried that I’d be frozen, but they had that sorted to. We had a gas stove at the bottom corner of the bed, and we had electric blankets – I don’t have one of these at home so I loved that! There was also hot water bottles provided if you needed extra heat and the porch had a heated light that came on for twenty minute intervals.

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What made it that bit special, was the little extras. It was the hot chocolate and marshmallows in the kitchen. Game boards were left there for us too. We played a serious game of scrabble on the porch on our last night. We made the most of our extensive vocabulary, words like fart made an appearance! There was even a fire pit and benches where you could sit and enjoy the outdoors. Sitting roasting marshmallows was the plan, however Eoghan devoured ours long before we got a chance to do that!

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A good nights sleep?

I actually had the best night sleep, even though usually I struggle to sleep away from home. The bed was so comfortable and lying there, you could hear the swaying of the trees in the distance and the flowing of the nearby river. The perfect white noise to put you to sleep. And waking up to it was such a magical reminder of where you were.

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The location is perfect. Grove lane is literally a five minute drive from the town and there’s a Tesco and Super value just down the road. Everything is so easy to get to from there; all of Killarney’s attractions are just a short drive away. The only negative thing I have to mention about our stay, besides a hand towel, there was no towels provided. When I went for my shower I expected there to be a few towels in the shower room. Luckily I’m very small so the hand towel did the job – I never even thought to bring one. [I have since discovered, towels are available on request!]

Overall I was absolutely over the moon with our stay. We were there two nights and I was so sad packing up to go on our last morning. It was my first time glamping, and I had a brilliant experience. I already know I will be going back to Glamping at the Grove some time in the future, hopefully soon!

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To see my full photo diary of our trip, click here. If you’d like to stay with Grove glamping Killarney, why not book with below?


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