The Cliffs of Moher are undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Ireland each year. In fact, 1.5 million people visit the cliffs each year. You know what one of the most-visited cities is? Galway. And thankfully, the two are close together. Have you found yourself searching “How long to drive from Galway to Cliffs of Moher”, I’ve got you covered, be it car or bus travel.

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How Close are the Cliffs of Moher from Galway?

How far Cliffs of Moher to Galway

The distance from The Cliffs of Moher to Galway is actually not far. As the crow flies, the two locations are only 43.5km apart and by road, it’s 74.9km (46.5miles). But are you driving or taking a bus to the Cliffs? Because that’s going to make a difference. See below.

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How long to drive from Galway to Cliffs of Moher –  How do I get to Moher Cliffs from Galway?

The drive from Galway City to the Cliffs of Moher is about 1 hour 20 minutes. Bare in mind you may get stuck behind sheep traffic jams, tour buses or just general traffic on route. However if you have clear roads ahead, it will take no more than an hour and a half driving a car. Simply follow the N67 from Galway all the way to Lisdoonvarna for the quickest route, and follow the signs from there. What about driving by bus though?

What is the most scenic route from Galway to Cliffs of Moher?  – Galway to Cliffs of Moher by Car

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So I mentioned above that you can take the N67 straight from Galway to Lisdoonvarna. This is by sure the quickest way to the cliffs BUT, it may not be the most scenic! There is a gorgeous coastal drive you can take. Head out the N67 from the city until the village of Ballyvaughan. From there you’re going to take a right turn at the end of the village onto the R477 joining the R479 just before Doolin village. The cliffs of just a short drive from Doolin (11 minutes) on the R478. cliffs of moher, honest guide, clare, doolin, the burren, ireland

Bus from Galway to Cliffs of Moher

You would think the bus would take the same amount of time, but generally it’s a bit longer. With Bus Eireann (Ireland’s popular bus company) it takes 2 hours 12 minutes to get from Galway city to the Cliffs of Moher bus drop off by coach. There are regular buses between 8am and 6pm this time of year – around every 2-3 hours. See the full timetable here.  Be sure to change the route direction to see the return bus timetable!


Can you do Galway and Cliffs of Moher in one day?

If you’re on a time limit I would say yes you absolutely can explore the Cliffs of Moher and Galway City in one day. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Galway city is such a gorgeous place and I think it deserves a bit more of your time. Especially so you can get out into Connemara and see some of the gorgeous beaches and sites. However if you only have a day you can absolutely do the two.

For a quick stop off, you only need a couple of hours at the cliffs (again, I’d recommend more to enjoy the full experience). So I would recommend heading to the cliffs very early (just after opening time) to enjoy the location without the crowds. During the summer months, the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre opens at 9am while during off-peak times it opens at 9am. So head there for opening times, stay 2-3 hours and go straight to Galway City for a wonderful afternoon of city exploring.

Do you HAVE to pay and go to the Visitor Centre to see the cliffs? Nope – for more info click here! 


The Cliffs of Moher are undoubtedly Ireland’s most visited Cliffs, with 1.5 million visits per year. The only attraction visited more on the Emerald Isle is the Guinness Storehouse, which is probably due to it’s location in Dublin. The Cliffs of Moher are in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland – just outside the village of Doolin and not too far from Galway City.
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