Another weekend another trip. If you’re visiting Ireland I know you’ll have heard about the Cliffs of Moher. You need to go there! 14 km of towering jagged cliffs and crashing waves and swooping birds, it’s amazing. Need even more convincing?! Okay you got it, here’s five reasons to check them out.

  1. The cliffs are easy to get to. 

1.1 Public Transport

It really is super easy to get to. It’s along the Wild Atlantic Way one of Ireland’s most successful tourist trails. Eoghan and I have explored nearly every inch of the Wild Atlantic Way at this point – right the way from Cork up to Donegal. The cliffs themselves are Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction too. As a result, there are buses and tours going to the cliffs from all over. Not difficult to find a way there if you don’t drive. To plan your visit, head over to for a range of options on how to get there.

1.2 Driving

If you do drive, that’s where it gets tricky! A lot of the roads are small. Meeting all the tour buses coming back is a nightmare and you can be stuck waiting for them to pass for a bit. Me and Eoghan got stuck for a good twenty minutes in one spot. But sure look it, it’s actually a positive – you only get more time to look out at these amazing viewsssss:cliffs of moher clare, wild atlantic way


2. There is lots to do in the area

cliffs of moher, doolin

The Cliffs of Moher are along the Wild Atlantic way. Its basally route up the west coast showcasing the Wild West of Ireland. Located not far from the cliffs is the little village of Doolin. Such a colourful little place. We’d never been, so we stopped on the way.

Doolin, cottage, wild atlantic way, clare , ireland

We ate in a pub that had the most amazing interior. They had paper money from all different countries sellotaped to the walls. Yes you read that right – sellotaped to every inch of the walls! Food was gooooood. Afterward we had a little wander in and out of the shops.

eoghan, doolin, clare

3. You get the most amazing views on your way there

I mean it’s called the Wild West for a reason. At every turn you’ll have a view more breath taking than the last. Like look at this castle perched on a little hill looking out across the ocean. Come to the cliffs and you’ll get to see more of that!

castle, clare, wild atlantic way

You’ve also got the Burren – a unique landscape with completely exposed limestone landscape, and the Ailwee caves just a short distance away. There are over 20 sights to see near the cliffs on the Wild Atlantic Way site.

the burren, wild atlantic way, cliffs of moher


4. Finally, the cliffs themselves

It’s called one of the seven wonders of nature for a reason!

cliffs of moher, wild atlantic way

4.1 About the Cliffs

700ft high and 5 miles long of raged sheer cliffs. The whole way along you can see, and hear, waves hurling themselves toward and crashing into them. In the waters below you can see dolphins and even whales if you’re lucky, and a range of sea birds live in amongst the cliffs, such as puffins.

4.2 View Points

I’ve been a couple of times and don’t think I’d pass up a chance to go. There are so many locations to view from. The majority of people go straight from the visitor centre. I have a lil secret for ya, yep I’ll share with you guys – if you drive past the centre heading south, you come to a road up the right, head a long that road and eventually you’ll come to a house which has turned their garden into a little carpark for a small charge of 2 euro. It’s just a small walk to the cliffs from there and it’s so quiet here compared to the visitor centre. It’s a much better option if you’re looking for a more secluded spot.

the wild atlantic way, cliffs of moher

We had planned to come and stay for sunset but annoyingly, once we got there the clouds quickly covered over. Still though, amazing views either way.

cliffs of moher, liscannor walk, doolin, clare,eoghan, cliffs of moher

I spotted a place perfect for pretending your hanging off. We decided to give Eoghan‘s ma a heart attack with this picture. Please don’t do this on the actual cliffs. There was ground beneath him!!

eoghan, cliffs of moher

Walking along here was so quiet and peaceful compared to the loud, crowded view point just a few kilometers north. I really recommend viewing this point.

cliffs of moher, honest guide, clare, doolin, the burren, ireland

When we got back to Galway, the clouds had cleared a bit. Still got sunset after all, yay!

sunset galway

5. They’re famous for more reasons than one.

harry potter, cliffs of moher, ireland

Movie fan? The cliffs have appeared in a number of big movies. A movie that my family all love is “The Princess Bride”. The cliffs of insanity are in fact the cliffs of moher! You know those cliffs Harry and Dumbledore go to look for the locket horcrux in The Half Blood Prince? Yep, that was also The Cliffs of Moher! For more Harry Potter locations, see my “Must see Harry Potter sites in Edinburgh” post.

Finally, a good aul Irish favourite – Father Ted, as a lot of people know, was mostly filmed around Clare. The “Holy Stone” was at the Cliffs of moher. Not only that but Father Teds house is a short drive from there too.

Why not head to the cliffs to take a selfie at these famous cliffs. People visit the so many movie locations and the Cliffs of Moher is a goodie.


Well there you have it, if you’re not convinced then, then I just don’t know! If you’re planning a trip to Ireland I couldn’t recommend you go enough! Have you been? Tell me how much you enjoyed it! If you like my travel posts I have so many posts from places around Ireland, be sure to check em out! Want to see more of my photos? You can see my gallery over on Instagram.

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