Showering is an essential part of the day for most of us. The thought of going a day or two without a shower can seem downright mad. But when you move over to a campervan, showering can get a little more difficult. Installing a proper shower can seem daunting and a lot of effort, but relying purely on campsites and external facilities for that warm evening … can seem just as impractical. Well, I have a microcampervan and I have dealt with the shower situation pretty well – on a budget and with as little effort as possible, because that’s just who I am!! So if you’re wondering about shower ideas for a campervan, I’ve got you covered. We’re going to go through all options, including all of the ones I have used myself!
(and yes, that is me in the feature image!!)

Gym Showers – How can I shower when doing van life?

I know a lot of people recommend gym showers. You can pay a once-off fee to enter the gym and use the shower – you might even get lucky with a steam room and sauna too! I have never used this option because in the countryside of Ireland, you won’t find any gyms, but it’s a great option for those van living in a city!

Baby Wipe Shower –  Shower Ideas For Campervan

So many people opt for “baby wipe” showers. I am very against this idea – baby wipes are so wasteful and so unnecessary! If you have to go for this option, at least go for biodegradable wipes. Why not do this method but with a washcloth?! That way there is no waste!



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