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Welcome back or if you’re new here, welcome 🙂 . Today I’m introducing Red, my lovely Citroen Dispatch. I picked it up in early summer 2022. So I decided I’m gonna give you a little van tour. At the moment the van is very minimal. I haven’t done anything to it in this video. It’s literally as I bought it.

VAN TOUR | My small campervan – Citroen Dispatch Campervan Conversion | Van Life starts here

Updated Van Tour 2024

Original Small Camper Layout

It’s a really small van and it’s perfect for one – maybe two at a push – people! It’s great for stealth camping because other than the curtains (which I plan on doing something about), you can’t tell it’s a camper at all.

But I do have quite a few plans for it. So far I’ve added a sink and cooker:

Van Update 🙂 | Citroen Dispatch Van Conversion | My vanlife tiny home on wheels

I’ve been doing quite a few updates and DIYs on my van. From finishing touches to re-doing the kitchen on a budget, filling the van with secondhand dishes (I love a charity shop challenge!) and making a collapsable DIY van table to work from:

And also added a leisure battery to allow me to charge on the go and have a working fridge.

Redoing my small campervan kitchen on a budget – solo female van life

DIY Van Life Table – for 20 euro!

Some more helpful van resources:


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