I’ve set myself a little road trip challenge: To visit all of Ireland’s National Parks! I’ve realised, I’m starting to run out of things to do in Ireland. I took it upon myself to see as much of this Island as I could, given that I love to travel, but am ridiculously afraid of flying.


I had a long list of places to see and have been ticking them off so much quicker than I thought I would. Though I’ve been adding to it as I go, it’s not been quick enough because I’ve done almost all of it. When I see those “Irish Bucket list” posts, I’m always amazed to see I’ve visited the majority of attractions. Now I know there is countless things to do in this country, I just mean I’ve done the main things I’ve wanted to.

Ireland's national parks

I’ve decided to set my sights on a new task. I love the outdoors and nature, evidently! So, I’ve decided to visit all our national parks – the only real places left unexploited and unaltered by human activity. There are six national parks in Ireland, so it’s very doable. I have already been to 3 but these have mostly been driving through quickly, I haven’t really made the most of being out there in the wilderness.

I’m going to start again and visit all six, taking the time to appreciate them. Six parks, endless adventures!

Whether you’re in Ireland or somewhere else, why don’t you do the same? Plan some trips to your national parks. It’s always good to see what your own country has to offer, and to step out in the wilderness for a while. The perfect way to cleanse the soul!

Once I’ve done it, I’ll do an updated post with my favourite pictures from each trip as well as my favourite things to do there. I’d love if you did the same. If you’re in Ireland and feel inspired, I’m including a downloadable checklist below, so you can join in and tick them off as you go. This idea and the printout was actually inspired by @emilyventures on Instagram.

download, printable


For these road trips I’ll be following my “Ten Tips for a Stress-free Road Trip”, which can be found here. To see pictures from my previous road trips you can check out my travel section, or my Instagram.

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