I’m after moving back to Galway! It’s been almost 3 and a half years since I finished college here, and now I’m back. After a year of long distance, it was finally time to pick a place for me and Eoghan to move together. After so much time apart I didn’t really care where we were, as long as we weren’t four hours away from each other anymore! Eoghan had always wanted to live here, and I knew my way around, so what better place to choose?!


the tales of tinyboots in galway
galway, salt hill, city

I’m now living here and impatiently waiting for Eoghan to follow. It’s definitely a huge step in forward, I never thought we’d get to this point. But it still feels like I am waiting, waiting, waiting. Hopefully not for long.

prom , pier, galway city

He visited for my first weekend here. We did the usual. Walks, food, naps. You know the drill! As always, our cameras were glued to our hands. Well Eoghan’s was. I take mine out of my bag for limited periods of time now because my new camera is heavy as ballsssss.

galway , ireland
salt hill
galway, salt hill, beach, ireland

We caught sunset and it was beautiful. Although I think blue hour is my favourite time of day. And I had forgotten just how gorgeous Galway city could be.

ireland , salt hill, beach, light house , lighthouse, birds sunset
blue hour, galway, ireland , salt hill, lighthouse , wild atlantic way, birds, purple sky

I didn’t have a tripod or filters, but was determined to get a semi long exposure with my hands. And I’m actually pretty happy with how it looks. So hazy!

blue hour, long exposure , ocean
galway city, ireland, ocean , beach, long exposure

Really looking forward to doing some exploring around more of Galway. First priority is getting a place to live though. That and keeping my anxiety at a manageable level, so much happening I’ve noticed myself going back to old patterns! Really didn’t realise it was going to be soooo hard to get a house though. Going to be a busy few weeks!

galway, ireland, photographer, salt hill, beach, ocean , sunset
Photo taken by Eoghan Bell


Stay tuned for more Galway photos! To see more frequent posts on my new Galway life, click through to my instagram. I’ll be updating more, in my lifestyle section of the blog too!


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