It’s scientifically proven that women should meet up with their girlfriends twice a week for improved mental health. How often do you see your friends? For me, it’s definitely not twice a week. Not even close sadly – so last month we organised a weekend to pack in as much friendship activities as time would allow! We decided to do the ultimate girls weekend activity – a spa day. Ohhh yes!

loughrea hotel and spa, galway, girls day out

Lough Rea Hotel and Spa offers a range of treatments and as well as different packages. I had a look on the site and one stood out to me right away. The Girlie Getaway Spa Package, yep that’s just what the doctor ordered. It fit our weekend requirements perfectly. With the package you get afternoon tea as well as the thermal suite experience and a 25 minute treatment of your choice (there are 4 options).

It. was. amazing! We got really lucky and pretty much had the thermal suite to ourselves. Catch ups were had in the steam room and then we lounged around in the relaxation rooms, and the Jacuzzi was just unreal. Two at at time, we were called for our treatments. The treatments themselves were the perfect amount of time and afterwards I felt I was in a daze. Every stressful thought had been delicately rubbed from mind. I floated back to the thermal suite and when we are all finished, we made our way for afternoon tea.

afternoon tea, loughrea, hotel and spa, galway

We were expecting to have our tea in the lounge and so were absolutely delighted to be moved to the rooftop garden – yes, you heard that correctly. The food was so good. Three tiers of deliciousness. I only wish I could have had double the servings. Mmmmm food.


We felt like elegant ladies, except we’re really not. It took no time at all to go from slightly sophisticated to our immature selves – note the following images to see for yourselves! Took a good wack at being ladies though!

loughrea hotel and spa,

loughrea hotel and spaloughrea hotel and spa

afternoon tea, loughrea The roof top is so nice, you get stunning views of Loughrea. Only disappointed that we couldn’t sit there sipping cocktails all evening.

Snapped some outfit shots for Everythingobsessed too, had to make the most of that view!

I’d been to Loughrea Hotel and Spa before and I’d definitely go again. I couldn’t recommend this package enough – the perfect girls day. So you know what to do, round up the troops and get your bikinis ready! If not for your health, for your friendship 😀


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