The Giants Causeway

Visiting the Giants Causeway is one of the number 1 attractions in Ireland. And for good reason. The landscape is the result of intense volcanic activity over 60 million years ago. Rapidly cooling of lava which had forced it’s way through gaps in the ground, left these really cool columns of basaltic rock that can be seen there today. Apparently there are over 40,000 columns.


Howeverrrrr, Legend tells that it was built by a giant from Scotland, making his way over to fight Fin Mac Cool. Fearing how big and strong Fin Mac Cool was, he ran back to Scotland tearing up most of the causeway as he went. I like this theory better!

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 Where is The Giants Causeway?

The easiest way for you to be find it would be good aul google maps. Just so you have a rough Idea though, it is in County Antrim, on the North coast of Ireland, just 2 miles from Bushmills village. The easiest way to get there is by car.  There is also seasonal buses, as well as a Park and Ride bus from Bushmills.

The exact address is : 44 Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK

giants causeway, causeway coast, antrim, northern ireland, travel

Top tips for visiting the Giants Causeway

  • The visitor centre is 1 mile from the causeway. Although many people believe you HAVE to pay through the visitors centre and pay parking there to visit, you DON’T.

To be  fair, there are benefits to going through the visitor centre. There are a lot of facilities there, such as an interactive exhibit. There are toilets, a gift shop and food, but if you’re not fussed by all that, you don’t have to pay to visit.

  • Not paying for the centre and parking makes it much more affordable. You can also walk from Bushmillls which is about 2 miles.
  • The last time I went, I parked about half a miles walk south of the causeway, on the grass outside a cafe called the “Causeway Cafeteria” – although parking is very limited. If you park along the actual road and it is a double yellow line, you may get fined. If there’s no yellow line, you’re good to park.
  • I have always followed the trail direct from the visitors centre that leads directly down to the causeway. A better route is “the Red Trail”, which leads you high above the causeway where you can see it from a different perspective. The view looks amazing. There are then steps down to ground level so you can experience it properly.
  • As you can imagine it does be absolutely mobbed with people. If you want to avoid crowds, I suggest going very early or very late. Between 11 am – 3 pm would be the busiest time.
  • The Carrick- a – Rede rope bridge is just over 8.5 miles east of the causeway. You can get there by passing the causeway if heading from Bushmills and continuing straight on. Dunluce castle is 4.5 miles west and worth the visit.
  • To get the most spectacular views of Northern Ireland, follow the Causeway Coastal Route which stretches from Derry all the way to Belfast. You’ll see the causeway as well as numerous other attractions along the way!

giants causeway, causeway coast, antrim, northern ireland, travel

What to Wear for your Trip

When visiting the Giants Causeway , remember you’ll be on the northern coast and can be quite windy. Depending of the time of year. I was very lucky to get it on a really good day for this visit.

As a general rule of travelling in Ireland:

    •  Bring a waterproof jacket, something lightweight – example
    • Some comfortable walking shoes – example
    • And due to the wind, a hat – example

Always have layers on, because the weather is always unpredictable. Unfortunately it’s best to always prepare  for  the  cold!

giants causeway, causeway coast, antrim, northern ireland, travel

Be respectful of the Causeway

Remember this is a unique landscape dating back 60 million years. It’s one of Ireland’s top attractions, so it can get crazy busy. Please be respectful of all the other people who are just as excited as you are to be there. But, also be respectful of the landscape itself.

Things to note

  • Free – if not going by visitors centre
  • Dogs are allowed – if on a lead
  • The path is accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs

giants causeway, causeway coast, antrim, northern ireland, travel


Visiting the Giants Causeway is a must. It is such a unique and breath taking landscape. I hope some of this post has been helpful to you. Now you can decide between going to the visitor centre or having a more pocket-friendly experience! Feel free to share this post if you found it helpful. Hope you enjoy your trip to the Giants causeway 🙂 If you’ve been, please share your pictures of it with me in the comments, I love to see em.



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