This trip was quite a while ago – January 3rd, around the time of Storm Eleanor actually, but I had some pictures I wanted to post, so whats more perfect than here. Me and Eoghan used to be so good for getting in the car and just going somewhere. When winter came it became much more of a rarity with working hours and it getting dark so early. Also the cold. The cold is not my friend! So glad we took this trip along the Wild Atlantic Way!

That being said, once January hit our need for adventuring seemed restored, so we hopped in Eoghan’s mini and took off for the west coast. The Wild Atlantic Way was calling.



Our first stop was down some random road. We saw a viewpoint roadsign for Streamstown in Sligo. It was beautiful and peaceful, although it was absolutely freezing. While Eoghan was out snapping away, I’d set up my camera and hop in and out of the car taking a few pictures at a time, because within seconds my hands would be numb. I’d be calling him to stand a certain way and he wouldn’t be able to hear me because the wind was sooo loud.

Wild Atlantic Way , sligo, beach, coastline

Wild Atlantic Way, Beach, Sligo, roadtrip, ireland


Wild Atlantic Way, Beach, Sligo, roadtrip, ireland

Dunmoran Strand

We drove on and stopped at Dunmoran Strand, Sligo. I put on every layer I had before I braved getting out of the car. It was beautiful and there was only one other person there.

beach, sligo, wild atlantic way

I have a bladder the size of a peanut so I’m not gonna lie to you. I was looking for a quiet secluded spot to relieve myself and came across this gorgeous old cottage.



I am obsessed with old broken down houses. I think there’s something so magical about them. Like when you look at them you can almost hear the whisper of it’s past. There was these beautiful colours all through the stone. I couldn’t tell if it was minerals or if people had drawn on it. I think it was weathering to the stone. Either way it looked beautiful in the winter sunshine.


Our last stop before dark was Enniscrone. The water was crazy and crashing over the walls. Good aul Eleanor. Eoghan was out getting his shots but for this one I stayed in the warmth of the car.

We headed into Ballina, in Mayo for dinner before going home. I was looking forward to this so much. Food is probably my favourite part of a day out. Mmmm food. I had the most gorgeous vegetarian curry, in a lovely place called The Broken Jug. It had such a cosy and warm vibe inside. After that we waddled back to the car and drove home. A great start to the new year. These are my favourite days.

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