Sunday last – the 5th August, the family headed to St Angelo’s Airfield, Enniskillen, for a Drag Day. I basically just want to share all the beautiful beetles and campers I seen!

volkswagen beetle vw colourful

My brother was competing in the drag racing. In between runs I just wanted to walk around the show and shine drooling at all the vintage cars.

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drag day chopper bike
My Da brought a bike to make it easier to get around the show. It turned out to be quite small so wasn’t really needed. The interest in it was insane.

vw beetle drag racing car blue volkswagen

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Sadly, my brothers “Veemax” was having some gear box issues. But this meant there was ample time to go car gazing. I loved this blue camper with matching cooler box. It was the cooler box that got me really! The whole inside of the van was stickered and looked unreal.

blue vw camper volkswagen drag day

powder blue camper
I was in love!

vintage vw beetles drag racing

After a long day of tinkering around with the gear box, my da and brother overcame the technical difficulties and in the end he won the final. Great day all round.

veemax drag racing vw

drag day enniskillen veemax

This is a super short post, I just wanted to share the photos.






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