Our last day in Scotland. The night before, we’d parked up near the Forth road bridge. If you’re interested in the photos from that day, there was a beautiful waterfal, check it out!  Anyway, we got to drive across the bridge, finally! I hope everyone finds crossing cool bridges as fun as we do and that we’re not just mental! We literally found so much joy in crossing this bridge haha.

forth road bridge, edinburgh

We spent the day having one last wander around Edinburgh. The first day we were quite rushed and wanted to see as much as possible, so it was nice to have another shot at it. It was much more chill and we just walked around some of the same streets, and some new, just to see what we’d come across.

victoria street, edinburgh, scotland, britain , colourful, city

Good aul Instagram. I’d come across a really cute places called “The Marshmallow Lady”. It looked vibrant and I added it straight to my list of places to see. We were the only ones there and got a seat at the window. There was board games there to play while you tucked into some of her home made marshmallow doughnuts. Yeah, she makes these cool marshmallow doughnuts in all different flavours. You can also get blow torched marshmallows on the top of your hot chocolate, you bet I went for that! Mmmmm.

marshmallow lady, scotland, edinburgh, colourful, travel

marshmallow lady, scotland, edinburgh, colourful, travel

It was a really quirky little shop. They sold post cards and foods, and look at the sign they put outside.

edinburgh, the marshmallow lady

marshmallow lady, scotland, edinburgh, colourful, travel

the marshmallow lady, edinburgh, scotland

Not usually a city person, but really enjoyed seeing the streets of Edinburgh. It’s such a charming city with beautiful medieval looking buildings and bright colourful shops. We had a look at all the Harry Potter spots, I never realized there was so many!

harry potter, scotland, edinburgh, colourful, travel

harry potter, edinburgh, scotland, colourful, tinyboots

harry potter, edinburgh, scotland, colourful, tinyboots

Took us ages to find Tom Riddles memorial in Greyfriars Kirkyard. We were distracted by this cute little guy trying to drag scraps of material into his nest. They kept getting stuck on rocks and he was getting so frustrated trying to yank them along behind him!

squirrel edinburgh

greyfriars kirkyard, graveyard, edinburgh

I have so many pictures of the HP locations, but won’t put them here because I have a post on that coming soon! Really enjoyed having one last walk around the city. Instead of rushing around to do stuff we actually had the chance to look around at the beautiful buildings and got to see a gorgeous sky as the sun set.

edinburgh, scotland , uk, city, architecture, sunset, buildings

edinburgh, scotland , uk, city, architecture, sunset, buildings

edinburgh, scotland , uk, city, architecture, sunset, buildings

I’d also been recommended to go to the Frankenstein pub. A lover of horror movies, I couldn’t wait to go. Saved it for our last night. The place was so cool, the cocktails were delicious, and Frankenstein played over and over again on a projector screen. What could be better? It made it on my list of “5 instagrammable places in Edinburgh“. I think we would have been there all night if we didn’t have a flight the next morning at the crack of dawn!

victoria street, edinburgheoghan, edinburgh

Being (quite) sensible, we headed back to our hotel before midnight. We were staying in the IBIS and it was cheap and cheerful. Really close to the bus to bring us back to the Airport too. The trip absolutely flew. Saw so many amazing things and know we’ll see so many more the next time.


Scotland, I’ll surely be back!



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