Brigit’s Garden is the ultimate family day out in Galway Ireland, for those who love nature, the outdoors and a bit of Irish heritage. The kids will have their imaginations run wild, while they explore the wonderful gardens, wildflower meadows and woods. This is a truly special experience on the edge of Connemara and a real hidden gem in Galway.

Brigit’s Garden & Café

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love appreciating nature and the environment and prefer any moment spent outside, so I love this place! We all need a bit of forest medicine every now and again!

What is Brigit’s Garden Ireland?

Brigit’s Garden is a magical place in Rosscahill Galway. The gardens serve as a place for people of all ages – but especially children – to really connect with, and enjoy nature.

There are 4 interlinked gardens, all based on the 4 Celtic Fire Festivals. As well as the main gardens, there are 11 acres of wildflower meadows and native woodland.

Brigit’s Garden is actually a non-profit and a registered charity. The main purpose of this place is firstly, to educate on aspects of the environment and secondly, to conserve the nature of the area.

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History of Brigit’s Garden Galway – Fun Family Day Out in Galway

Brigit’s Garden came to be because of one woman – Jenny Beale. What started out as an idea in 1997 became a reality in 2004. Jenny’s vision was to have a place for people to truly connect with and respect nature and cultural heritage as well as educate all ages. This has definitely been achieved.

The gardens  – Brigit’s Garden Galway

There are 4 formal gardens at the location. In fact, all four are connected with the 4 Celtic festivals Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasa. These gardens will take you through the Celtic life cycle.

Samhain – Celtic Garden

The festival of Samhain falls on the 31st of October. It marks the end of the harvest season and the start of the winter.

This garden has a long bank of grass. If you look closer you’ll see that it’s actually the shape of a sleeping woman; to symbolise the ground resting for winter – which is so lovely. There is also a peaceful pond with lilypads.

Imbolc – Brigit’s Garden Ireland

This festival is on the 1st of February and marks the beginning of spring. You might know it as St Brigid’s Day.

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The Imbolc Garden has lots of wildflowers and a meadow with a glade. There are two swings, and following the St Brigid’s Day theme, are contained in wooden wicker chairs.

Bealtaine – Brigit’s Garden Ireland

Next is the Bealtaine festival, which is on the 1st of May and marks the end of the dark half of the year. This is to celebrate the bright part of the year and warmth.

This garden has standing stones leading up to a bogwood throne, with a fireplace in front, as fires would have been lit in celebration at this time of year.

Brigit's Garden

Lughnasa – Celtic Gardens

Finally, Lughnasa is celebrated on the 1st – 12th August and is the beginning of the harvest season and the beginning of Autumn.

There are so many small details in these gardens. Above all, it is clear to see that every little detail has been so thought out for people’s enjoyment. There really is an ethereal or magical feel to these gardens. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see fairies darting through the wildflowers.

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There are so many other features on the grounds.
  • A roundhouse is right in the center of the gardens with informational books all about Irish heritage.
  • A sun trail will bring you through the woods and past old replica crannogs and the largest sundial in Ireland
  • Beautiful native woodlands with little kitchens for the kids to play with
  • Crannog replicas – old Celtic Irish dwellings normally built along lakes and rivers.

Family Day out in Galway – Brigit’s Garden Rosscahill Co Galway

Brigit’s Garden is a great family day out in Galway. Especially, it’s perfect for those with younger children who love a bit of adventure. The kind of kids who love making mud pies, looking for fairies and getting their jeans dirty. It’s clear to see that the gardens have been designed to educate and entertain children, with so many activities on offer, from birthday parties to family events for all the family.

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Birthday parties in Brigit’s garden

The little ones can enjoy 2 and a half hours of fun in the gardens with the birthday package. The package includes outdoor games and activities, for example, potion making and fairy house building. I can only imagine that children would love this unique experience. I would have absolutely loved having a party here when I was young!

Other children activities include:
  • Christmas events with delicious treats like spiced apple punch mmm
  • Summer camps to keep the kids busy once school is out
  • Halloween bonfire night
  • Family events at Brigit’s Garden
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Other Events at Brigit’s Garden Galway:

This place isn’t just for kids and you can have other family events here too. Such as communion/confirmations, and even small weddings. Imagine getting married here, walking through the standing stones in the Bealtaine garden. Down to the wooden throne to be married? Urghh gorgeous!

For a full list of events click here.

Brigit’s Garden Café – Brigit’s Garden Menu

I didn’t actually eat in the cafe while I was there which I really regret!  The food is lovingly prepared with local seasonal produce, with veggie options and an endless range of cakes and baked goods.

I will for sure be back to try out some stuff on the menu, don’t you worry about it!

You can find the Brigit’s Garden Menu on their site if you want to see what’s on offer!

The gift shop – I love a good gift shop

Ok, so when I visit attractions all over Ireland, which is often, I bloody loooove having a little browse in the gift shop after. The one in Brigit’s garden does not disappoint. It’s full of little trinkets, Irish crafts, fascinating books and even natural skincare products.

Going with the nature theme there is also a load of garden and wildflower seeds to choose from as well as a lot of gardening stuff. I kept seeing things that would remind me of people I know. You can for sure pick up a meaningful gift here.

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Where is Brigit’s Garden – Family Friendly spot in Galway

Brigit’s Garden is in Roscahill, on the edge of Connemara in Galway. It is about 25 drive from Galway City Centre – on a good traffic day!

How to get to Brigit’s Garden in Galway:

The gardens are located between Oughterard and Moycullen, on the N59, North West of Galway city. It is signposted in Rosscahill. Keep an eye out for signs and you won’t miss it, it’s on a brown sign.

Opening hours: Click here for up to date opening hours.

Brigit’s Garden FAQ:

Can I bring my Dog?

YES! You can bring dogs to Brigit’s Garden Ireland as long as they are on a lead. BUT not in the 4 formal gardens. And it goes without saying, you must clean up after them.

Is Brigit’s garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The buildings and part of the nature trail are accessible by wheelchair.

Do you have to pay for Brigit’s Garden Ireland? Brigit’s Garden Prices

Prices vary depending on the time of year.

  • Peak times (April-October) the fee is €9 for adults, €6 for children and free under 2’s. – This is the prices from when I visited
  • Off-Peak time (November – March) the price is €7 for adults, €4.50 for children
  • There is a senior and student discount.

Other things to note:

A small discount is given if you arrive by bike or pubic transport. Specifically, 1 euro off the individual ticket, 3 euro off a family ticket

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My final thoughts on this hidden gem for families in Galway

Brigit’s garden really is a hidden gem in Galway. With education and nature the main focus, this is a fun-filled day out for the kids. Particularly little ones with a wild imagination.

I highly recommend this place to those who already enjoy being outside and appreciate the environment and want to pass this on to their kids while still having fun. With this in mind, if you don’t like getting your runners wet, this probably isn’t the place for you 🙂

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For more information on this great spot, click here.
For more pictures of Brigit’s Garden, please click here!

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